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  1. Night Rider

    Any idea who made this?

    No nothing on the revers side
  2. Night Rider

    New Knife Day and I had no idea

    One things for sure those beautiful knives are more rare than the cars they represent. It's going to be tough to top that for her birthday so you better start thinking now.
  3. Night Rider

    Any idea who made this?

    Good morning gent's My son found this seemingly well made little pocket knife while working in an old basement and I I was wondering if the mark has any significance or history behind it. It's blade is 2 1/4" and the handle which appears to be aluminum is 2 3/4" long. It has a nice solid half...
  4. Night Rider

    Random Thought Thread

    Those are so much safer than the bike seats attached to the bike. I had a newbie biker and his child swerve in front the other day when he turned out of his driveway :eek:. I would have had a two for one but being a biker who had used child seats I predicted it happening thank god but if were...
  5. Night Rider

    How To Folder Repair

    Not sure if this will help but it was suggested to me from the boys on The Porch and it worked out great. I just ground a little bit off the kick.
  6. Night Rider

    Attention BF2020 Away We Go - Books are closed

    I am late to the party and somehow missed this thread so can I still use the link and the password to order one of those sweet knives?
  7. Night Rider

    Why I bought a Northridge grinder

    Thanks for that review Matt it was perfect. After searching the interweb for weeks and getting conflicting reviews I said Screw it and gave up but now you gave me one to set my sites on. Thanks again for spending the time on your vid.
  8. Night Rider

    The Wonderous Wharncliffe

    My all time favorite EDC work knife..... That is until I lost it at work. Someone got a nice free knife that day :(:thumbsdown:
  9. Night Rider

    Acceptable Knife Flaws?

    Uneven grinds are a big turn off for me but blade rub or a weak back spring with little to no snap are a deal breaker. I can deal with uneven wood grain or bone to a certain extent.
  10. Night Rider

    “UPDATED” My 1,111(vertical) post GAW, Winner announced

    Congrats on the milestone chuck that is quite an accomplishment indeed. I honestly have not seen so many generous outstanding people in one place at the same time and actions like this make me proud to be a member of the BF and a welcomed visitor to the porch. Beautiful little fixed BTW :):thumbsup:
  11. Night Rider

    Recent or Upcoming Outdoors Trips?

    Well I had to cancel a Vacation to Mexico due to the scamdemic that I was waiting 20 years to take with my wife, just my wife and no kids this time. You see I have 4 boys ages 24,24, 21, and 15 and one of my twins was going to keep an eye on the house and the young one but Mexico was talking...
  12. Night Rider

    No longer available

    Way to Strike while the Iron is hot! I can definitely see a niche market for this and in MHO it's very cool :cool::thumbsup:.
  13. Night Rider


    Nice pile you got there Lorien. Is Campagnolo still the Crown Jewel of street bike components? Asking for a road weenie friend.
  14. Night Rider


    Clean ride you got there. That asymmetrical swing arm is very interesting and looks like it would eliminate chain slap.
  15. Night Rider

    Lady's Running Knife (looking for suggestions)

    If it's for SD then I would ditch the knife idea and get her a small pink keychain canister of Pepper mace with the red dye in it. Way more effective without formal training. Just point, Spray, and run like hell screaming. IMHO A small knife in untrained hands is a recipe for disaster and could...
  16. Night Rider

    Pictures you took while you should have been working

    I do a lot of work in an 200 year old carpet mill and if that makes you scratch your head then you would have no hair left if you could see the conduit atrocities I have ripped out over the years never mind the back fed circuits or #12 wire tapped onto 100 amp 480 volt runs. Just today I...
  17. Night Rider


    Two bits of advice for you sir, 1. Buy once Cry once, And don't feel that you have to drop another thousand bucks for a carbon fiber bike frame if your getting the bike for exercise. Take that money saved and use it for a steel or aluminum frame with higher end components.
  18. Night Rider

    Bad "Unregistered" Rockstead knives: Your warranty is VOID.

    I have a work around for unreadable color text, I Left click and highlight it. Hope that helps someone. #Nocolortext