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  1. SneezySky

    SOLD, Big Sale, Fifty! Basic 5" Field Knife, Delta 3V

    In for black micarta please
  2. SneezySky


    You're not alone. I've been there done that. Also have been refreshing in the wrong forum (exchange vs CPK). See ya next week!
  3. SneezySky

    18" Keffeler Sword (K18), AKA The KOD Piece

    Just checked your post number. :cool:
  4. SneezySky

    The "Ask Nathan a question" thread

    Thanks for giving us a peak in to this! Even better news/reminder that the integral shiv is coming. Volume production! Was never lucky or fast enough for the boot daggers to get one direct... a pre-order would be great.
  5. SneezySky

    The "Ask Nathan a question" thread

    Not a machinist... what happens to the tooling? Does it used up during production, did you lose it, was it destroyed so the Shiv can never fall in to the hands of future generations?
  6. SneezySky

    Fun Friday Sale! The new Basic 5" Field Knife!

    Give us a hint on when you'll be posting. We'll happy to load test your website for you. 😜
  7. SneezySky

    What CPK are you carrying today?

    Monsoon season in full effect... hail, rain, thunder & lightning.
  8. SneezySky

    Random Thought Thread

    Coming back from a trip, I checked knife forums before I checked email. Priorities!
  9. SneezySky

    What are you watching & why? (splain)

    View from Tooth of Time
  10. SneezySky

    What CPK are you carrying today?

    DEK1 for Philmont
  11. SneezySky

    Demon-repelling sword

    That looks freaking phenomenal! Great work!
  12. SneezySky

    Fiddleback Weekend?

    Good to have you back on the forum! I wish I could but that's long drive from CA.
  13. SneezySky

    Photos! Post your CPK photos here!

    That the horn is functional and you actually use it makes it all the more impressive.
  14. SneezySky

    Important Info! Fiddleback Friday 6/11/21 (Early Preview)

    That Bushwhacker looks like it'd be the life of the party!
  15. SneezySky

    2 Hawks [SOLD]

    I'll take both.
  16. SneezySky

    Photos! Post your CPK photos here!

    Yes it is, love it for users - looks good and feels good. Love unbuffed green micarta too