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  1. Tim20637

    RIP Charlie Mike

    I bought both of these from Matt quite a while ago, we had many phone conversations. Very sad to see he's gone,
  2. Tim20637

    Confession - I hardly use my knife while camping

    what knife is that in the first picture? That has beautiful lines.
  3. Tim20637

    FS: Survive! Knives ALL SOLD - thanks BF

    I will take the 3.5 please if it's still available. You can shoot me an email at Email removed
  4. Tim20637

    FS Esee Candiru

    I'll take this please. I'll email you for pp information.
  5. Tim20637

    EDC - What's In Your Pocket(s)??? Part 2

    Yes sir it is [=
  6. Tim20637

    EDC - What's In Your Pocket(s)??? Part 2

  7. Tim20637

    Beer and Blades!

  8. Tim20637

    Benchmade balisong real or fake?

    He didn't ask for a value. He stated what the asking price was. Just wanting to know if an item is authentic is not against the rules.
  9. Tim20637

    Koster Bushmaster Reduced $225

    Thank you. I just sent payment
  10. Tim20637

    Koster Bushmaster Reduced $225

    If you will sell the sheath only I will take the sheath. Email sent.
  11. Tim20637

    What watch do you wear?

    First decent watch I have ever owned. Luminox f-117
  12. Tim20637


    Payment Sent.
  13. Tim20637


    I will take this if it's still available please. Please email me your're info @ and I will send payment. Thank you.
  14. Tim20637

    Strider Karambit USER SOLD$ TYD!

    I will take this please.
  15. Tim20637

    Beer and Blades!

    Thanks I was happy to pick it up here a while ago for a great deal!