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  1. Boxer .45

    GEC 38 Warncliffe?

    Obviously the blade can be used for bv anything, but does anyone feel it's less wharncliff-yy and more whittler? That's fine, just asking for a few opinions? I haven't tried one with this blade setup on a 38. I had a 2017 38 in stag and it was fantastic. I had to sell to lay bills and now...
  2. Boxer .45

    Case Copperheads- pics and experience wanted

    I have a vintage '84 and a '21 amber bone inbound. I'm excited. I didn't like the pattern when I saw it in the past, but after looking at it and learning a bit about be it I like it, and how it looks has definitely grown on me. I'll post when I get it.
  3. Boxer .45

    Albers Cutlery Company

    Love seeing new makers, especially of traditionals, innovating. Especially when they look nice and materials used. I'll wait my turn.
  4. Boxer .45

    Let's see your Case knives, old to new.

    Looks great. Love the color. Even the shield is really nice. I tried to message on your profile but get error msg, lost your email.
  5. Boxer .45

    Albers Cutlery Company

    LoL Same. Maybe we can start a club. :D Really excited to try one though.
  6. Boxer .45

    Got my First Case Knife in the Mail Today

    This is what worries me about new (non vintage) case knives. That looks terrible. How did that get past the assembler, much less final QC? I've had several bad experiences. Recently I ordered a Case 032, even asked them to inspect it to which the dealer said, "it's a case, so not GEC quality"...
  7. Boxer .45

    2021 #85 Crown Lifter

    They look so 3D in pictures. I've never seen one in hand. Are they that 3D looking in person?
  8. Boxer .45

    Your newest addition:traditionals of course!

    Sh SHEW WEE! Give me anything in ebony!
  9. Boxer .45

    1095 Patina Discussion

    You guys just using them and then closing them afterwards? Or wiping or washing them off first?
  10. Boxer .45

    GEC's Warranty?

    Any time you need to shine a light through to see a sliver or gap in the liner and's not a sliver or a gap.
  11. Boxer .45

    2020 GEC#47 VIPER RUN

    When I scored the 47 in ironwood I knew I had to sell one of the others. How do you decide though? :( Anybody need a kidney?
  12. Boxer .45

    2020 GEC#47 VIPER RUN

    GEC 47 Viper -Desert Ironwood- I was trying to catch the chatoyance...
  13. Boxer .45

    2020 GEC#47 VIPER RUN

    "some lunatic will have it recovered in frosted mini wheat micarta or whatever." I am nearly rolling off into the floor laughing. Yep. I gotta say, there are some regardless I think are outstanding though. What's his name that does them here? And the guy that likes turtle shell acrylic? I...
  14. Boxer .45

    2020 GEC#47 VIPER RUN

    I have a micarta but couldn't get pictures today.
  15. Boxer .45

    2020 GEC#47 VIPER RUN

    You can get a 3M 3000 grit pad from Walmart for about $5. Go lengthwise with the handle. Do everything but the blade the same amount. Don't touch the blade. It will look great. No scratches left. I even touched up the edges of the liner on mine to get rid of the "edge". I swear, you can't...
  16. Boxer .45

    2020 GEC#47 VIPER RUN

    47 Viper ~Black Plumb~
  17. Boxer .45

    2020 GEC#47 VIPER RUN

    Each dealer got eight to ten of each cover. Odds are against everyone. I don't know what you were expecting except to get lucky unless you were on a list....which also would have been lucky considering the size of this run.