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    Cold Steel SRK and Master Hunter 3V.

    Agreed...its normally the sheath...because its the sheath maker...not the knife:)
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    Marine Tuf Cloth?

    Agreed...I know this is an old thread..but IMHO EEZOX is hands down the best rust inhibitor on the market...its a decent lube. Been searching for years for an EEZOX compatible product to boost for knife pivot actions, since EEZOX and petrochemicals fight each other like cats and...cats. I will...
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    Ideal Steel for CS Kukri

    I don't think Kool aide was exactly what I was. Refering to, rather something akin to rare meat juices, well in my case most of the time medium's just a comparison I've wanted to see for a long time. I think ADVANCES in tne carbon steels may produce a more homogeneous Khuk...
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    Himalayan imports quality?

    Great video. See my comment there. Glad you love your knife. Careful...they're addictive!!!
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    Ideal Steel for CS Kukri

    Ok, I know everybody has wondered about this, so here goes....a PROOF VIDEO SHOWDOWN between the CS GURKA KUKURI in 01, or the given strongest CS version at the time, and the HIMALAYAN IMPORTS CAK 18 inch Khukuri, made in Nepal. I'm not sure anyone would be willing to "sacrifice" a older HIMIMP...
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    Sorry, Fighting Knife Wannabes...

    My wife bought the original Tai Pan for me in San Mai a number of years back at SMKW. IMHO, the perfect double edged combat knife, with the possible exception of the Black Bear sub hilt fighter. If I ever get into one of those God forsaken knife exchanges involving blood that the ninja minded...
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    Skermish, a fight to close one handed

    I've had her for over 4 years. Patience has been duly rendered. As previously noted, I've used everything on hand but Cajun Goose Monkey Alligator Sweat LOL. At magnified inspection and with calipers, the blade is a bit THICKER than its happy black counterpart, which snaps, slides and glides...
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    Renaissance Wax for rust protection?

    I've wondered the same, I hear guys use it as an additive to the walnut shell grist for vibrating brass polishers for reloading....Hikok45 for one. You gotta watch Lexol on leather for knives. It blacks carbon blades
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    Renaissance Wax for rust protection?

    No, Cetaphyll is a dermatologist recommended skin cream for folks with severely dry skin, and conditions that can cause it. There's no perfumes, dyes, nothing that triggers allergies. So I figured there wouldn't be anything in it that screws up heavy leather, sheathes, really does a...
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    Oldies but Goodies

    OMG, that would be NASTY to deal with!!! The CS machete line is inexpensive, easy to mod, tough as nails, easy to maintain with a file and a big ceramic rod, YOU will melt before the handles do, etc. Can of Rustoleum, dead blow hammer, flat hardwood surface, you're good to go. I wouldn't want to...
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    Lining the Raja 2 etc

    Don't really wanna baptize her in BALLISTOL, anything exposed to just about any CLP LONG ENOUGH will probably show some negative effects, maybe, even a Glock. Just ask a few of those who have soaked a really expensive safe queen 1911 in a CLP and then closed it up in something that the solvent...
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    Renaissance Wax for rust protection?

    I may be drinking from the Holy Grail here....(Indiana Jones music) BUT I HAVE EXPERIENCED failures with RenWax. Now what I can't figure out is, Is that the fault of the product, or did I unknowingly leave something on the high carbon stuff that screwed up the waxes performance?? I stripped the...
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    Ideal Steel for CS Kukri

    Well Kwon, I'm glad we've got something else in common, love my CarbonV GK, I find your responses well thought out and you make a great "argument". I also think Carbon 5 was the best balance. If we can keep the crud off the 3v, it might make a great GK, but it'll SUCK coughing up the coin!!!
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    A message to Lynn (and everybody else at CS and in the forum)

    Merry Christmas and Happiest of Holidays to all my Cold Steel family. God Bless you all
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    Skermish, a fight to close one handed

    Ii have a Benchmade Skermish, green handles, frame lock of course, very difficult to thumb closed if opened quickly. I don't normally inertia snap them open, but this one needs BOTH HANDS and a long thumbnail to close after a normal speed deployment. The black bladed one I bought to match is...
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    What's CS's Best Bowie?

    The San Mai Laredo is an excellent knife. You can use 3m rubbing compound, by hand, and restore the handles original appearance without damaging it. Large but EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE cutter. PIGS pray to the barbecue gods that you don't show up LOL
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    Cold Steel Recon fixed Tanto blade knife...

    You could try Ren Wax, but be sure to buff it out really well, don't want white showing on all that deep black. Use it SPARINGLY. If it doesn't work, BALLISTOL should remove it.
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    Lining the Raja 2 etc

    Yes sir, that's exactly what I granted, it's a wave opener, it's really big, and a super slick polish job and some decent lubrication COULD make it fast as all get out. But I really don't want to break it all the way down unless I'm going to rehandle it. I don't have the machinery...
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    A message from Lynn

    What CS owners have to "deal with" is the constant whining every time "x company's" knife gets owned in a showdown. Then we have to deal with "y company" super duper race car bling knife FAILING us, because we are knife freaks, just had to have one anyway....alas no dice. Then we have to deal...