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  1. firefighterguy

    If you could only have 3 knives!

    I’m actually doing this now. I’ve had larger collections but my personal philosophy has led me more towards having only a few that I use often. Currently it’s a large Sebenza, bugout, and a Microtech socom. I have a general edc, nice knife in the Sebenza. A smaller lw knife I can carry in my...
  2. firefighterguy

    Spyderco Spyderco Sage 2

    SOLD This is a user. Used but not abused. The blade shows signs of use from cutting cardboard and has scratches on the blade. I tried to capture them the best I could in the lighting. Also on the blade edge there is a mark near the choil where I dug into the edge with my wicked edge while I was...
  3. firefighterguy

    Sold: foursevens preon p1 mkIII flashlight

    Fantastic little AAA light. This is LNIB. I’ve carried it at the very most 5 times. I have two and am getting rid of this new one. AAA light comes in box with battery and paperwork. $40 shipped.
  4. firefighterguy

    533 Mini Bugout + new Bugout & Bailout

    Well I’m guessing they weren’t supposed to reveal those because they have all been taken down. :(
  5. firefighterguy

    CBM's - Customized Benchmade's

    Those gray scales with black inlays are amazing. Do you know how they would look on the grey coated bugout? Is the grey a close match?
  6. firefighterguy

    Spyderco FS: PM2 user

    Up for sale is a Spyderco PM2 s30v with black g10 scales. This knife is a user and I carried it off and on over a couple years. It has been used to cut a lot of things and the blade shows evidence of its use. I have given it a fresh edge using a wicked edge. It has a near mirror polished edge...
  7. firefighterguy

    535-1901 Bugout with 20CV and G10 is here

    Is BM 20cv much better than their s30v? I get that it should be in theory but I wasn’t sure about the heat treat.
  8. firefighterguy

    1 CRK Knife For 1 Year!

    It wasn’t any knife that kicked it out of my pocket. I purposefully chose to stop the challenge. Been working on myself a lot lately and pride is a major struggle for me. I was only doing the challenge for prideful reasons so I decided to stop doing it to humble myself. Just my own personal...
  9. firefighterguy

    1 CRK Knife For 1 Year!

    Stopped 13 days short of a year. It was a great challenge and I learned a lot. I’ll try and do some comparison pics. I’d recommend the challenge to anyone. Teaches you a lot about a knife.