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  1. jbmonkey

    334 Large Trapper vs 317

    the Buck 317 made by camillus has a carbon back spring. reason I know for sure is I bought a rusted up badly one. not the blades so much. was able to clean up the blades, but backspring not really.
  2. jbmonkey

    Review Mnandi Comparison - 2nd & 3rd Generations

    2nd generation to me is better looking. dont care for the hole, myself, visually. good pics comparisons. thank you.
  3. jbmonkey

    help identifying this SOG

    throwing knives. not sure they aren't different than these other than a slight design difference...
  4. jbmonkey

    first crk....

    so I got a notice that a tanto inkosi was available from a dealer. course i had to buy now I got two. like the tanto blade shape. the scales are the same super rough texture. rough as my other one. these both were made close together. makes me believe they make them rougher now...
  5. jbmonkey

    The Sunday Picture Show (September 26, 2021)

    thanks Roger for hosting the show for us this Sunday. been busy today so had no time to post yet.....but been lookin at everyone's great pics off and on all day long and enjoyin the show. 470 from me today with a custom sheath Mike made for me.
  6. jbmonkey

    Ontario SP10 steel

    I prefer the 1075. its not a bad steel by any means and is tougher. which I prefer on a bigger chopper knife, like this.
  7. jbmonkey

    My Plea To The Knife Community!

    welcome. yeah please paragraphs. on phone comes across as a wall of text...hard to read. use the search function about any question ya can think of has been talked about multiple times. wealth of info archived on this site....well worth the time spent hunting and reading
  8. jbmonkey

    modern case folders marilla & kinzua

    not too bad, but not great if using to slice. thick stock, but thins down nicely on the marilla. the kinzua its a short width blade so it tapers fast but as a slicer won't help much to avoid the thickness. no idear. marilla looks maybe a name from Spanish. kinzua only thing i saw was in...
  9. jbmonkey

    modern case folders marilla & kinzua

    oh yeah.....forgot about those...these newer ones are heavily copied from those....guess they slightly changed design a tad and cut out southern grinds commission and lowered the price point a bit....😁
  10. jbmonkey

    What did we use before the “age of supersteels?”

    Hoyt Buck started out using old worn out files to make knives. so those were likely w1 or w2 steels or something similar.
  11. jbmonkey

    modern case folders marilla & kinzua

    gotcha. didnt know that. yeah thats even crazier at those prices. wouldn't even have touched them for that range. still think they are overpriced at the levels they are now.
  12. jbmonkey

    modern case folders marilla & kinzua

    are ya saying 200 each? or ya mean together in the 200 plus range? think I paid 115 for the tanto and 135 for the other one. agree though, both are pricey for what ya get and compared to the wide range of competition in the same or similar price ranges.
  13. jbmonkey

    USA Made hard use folder

    lots of good choices...while 110 is a favorite of mine and I carry one everyday on my belt...the sog seal xr is very strong and made in America and under the price point. uses the xr lock or kinda an axis lock copy, which is very strong....old pic next to a 110 for size comparison. worth a...
  14. jbmonkey

    All Steel Axes/Tomahawks-Uses?

    David Martin (R.I.P.) posted a pic of this one he has used to chop up wood. it's not what you're askin bout, but is a forged all steel an all steel axe can be used to chop wood as David used to use it sometimes.. pic is David's in farm life thread used to post in over in Buck...
  15. jbmonkey

    modern case folders marilla & kinzua

    got these today out of curiosity. havent seen too much on these yet. my first impressions so far.... good..not too bad fit and finish of parts finishing and assembly. no blade play on either. steel insert on frame lock bar. price isn't cheap but not too bad compared to everything else...
  16. jbmonkey

    How can this be legal ?

    whole thread on it already in Buck forum..... also @Hickory n steel found it first and started it in the Buck clone and fakes thread...
  17. jbmonkey

    Kabar Wrench Knife clones?

    haven't seen a bunch of fakes of this knife out there,.......yet......... but for that price I'm betting its likely a fake.
  18. jbmonkey

    Garage sale find.

    if ya shape it to a point again. work from the clip top side down to the brokenedge, not the other way around. ya won't lose anymore length that way and the point won't stick up when closed.
  19. jbmonkey

    Buck 891GCK - anyone have one?

    of the newer Bucks......these are my favorites. very smart thick stock designs but still can cut well and easy to keep sharp. not a huge fan of the sheath, but works okay. rather have a leather sheath, but is what it is. i had Mike make me a leather sheath. very tough. 5160. thick stock...
  20. jbmonkey

    September 2021 BOTM - 301 Stockman 420HC FFG Long Pull, Black Burlap Micarta

    add one to cart, go to checkout, update to 200 or whatever ya think is more than is left. it gives you can only buy 3 message, also only xxx amount left. see screen shot i took for ya.... I'm on android too doesn't matter....