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  1. Dawkind

    Joe Kious Folder and .....How it got Engraved

    Sooooooo, who engraved it?
  2. Dawkind

    Northern Wall

    Exceptional job and your choice of materials really come together:)
  3. Dawkind

    Classic Hunter

    Great job…:)
  4. Dawkind

    My favourite camping knife up to date.

    Another exemplary job my friend…:cool:
  5. Dawkind

    De Bortoli - Custom Knives

    Pictures don’t work for me…
  6. Dawkind

    "Ruins"- large bowie

    Man, that’s fantastic!!! Great flow and style…:cool:
  7. Dawkind

    Pig sticker-WIP completed

    That was a great post and even better knife….very well done my young friend. :) :cool:
  8. Dawkind

    ZiemoCustom - new bowie's

    All of your knives are a joy to see, you do exceptional work…:)
  9. Dawkind

    Persian Kard

    Great job as always my friend…:cool:
  10. Dawkind

    "Fractures Embrace" Bladeshow 2021 Dagger

    Absolutely incredible my friend :D
  11. Dawkind

    80CrV2 War Blade

    Very nice….:)
  12. Dawkind

    Hybrid Hunter

    Great job!!!
  13. Dawkind

    Bog Oak Ti Fighter

    That is fantastic!!!! :eek:
  14. Dawkind

    Group of Ti Chisels

    Man, you really knocked those out!!! Great job my friend…:cool:
  15. Dawkind

    Big bad bowie

    That’s a glorious beast!!! :cool: That large chopper I got from you is amazing… :)
  16. Dawkind

    My Newest Custom Model - The Overland

    Very nice and extra-clean…:)
  17. Dawkind

    Swept Fighter in CPM-Magnacut and cocobolo

    Another tremendous build by the The Dynamic Duo…:D
  18. Dawkind

    New damascus puukko.

    My favorite from you yet…love the slim blade. :cool:
  19. Dawkind

    Warne Skyline Bipod SOLD

    I’ll take it…PM sent
  20. Dawkind

    Small helper

    Exceptional little knife and sheath…:cool: