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  1. zyhano

    Knife Ideas for daughter

    I bought the pink spyderco native about 11 years ago and gave it to my daughter a couple of months back when she turned 14. Before that she had an opinel nr8. It supports women in their fight against cancer (Guardians of the Ribbon/Pink...
  2. zyhano

    zero tolerance ZT 0302 coyote tan

    Hi all, I'm selling the zt 0302. it's a beast. I will be selling off knives that I will not ever use or have used, as part of my plan to only keep users, so others can enjoy them. S30V steel, coyote tan handles, strider tiger stripe and Ken Onion speed safe assisted opening mechanism. Serial...
  3. zyhano

    Photos full edc loadout for today

    lol, that's great. I spilled some coffee :D We also both have damaged our knives' tips, what are the odds ;)
  4. zyhano

    Post your CRK carry knife for today.

    fishing crap from the pond
  5. zyhano

    Which Spyderco are you carrying today?

    I have that one 2 ;) with some very fond memories s
  6. zyhano

    Which Spyderco are you carrying today?

    spyderco persian
  7. zyhano

    ESEE 3 and 4 comparison

    have both. the 4 is used, the 3 is in the shed for whatever stupid abuse may pop up. the 3 had serrations, but i filed those away. the 3 is a bit too short for the general use cases I used it for (outdoorsy things)
  8. zyhano

    Post pictures of your Emersons here!

    emerson horseman, reprofiled to get rid of the chisel grind. I find myself reaching for this one a lot, but during covid work at home times, often use its bigger brother the cqc-8
  9. zyhano

    Food and Blades

    pasta sauce for the [email protected] :) red/green peppers, sweet peppers, mushrooms, garlic, onions, carrots, pineapple, lots of tomatoes, meat, leekm and herbs
  10. zyhano

    Work Sharp (Ken Onion Type) Upgrades

    All 3d printed stuff looks awesome! Unfortunately, I fail to see what it does exactly. In what case (that I honestly don't see :) for me it looks like I can either lay the knife flat against the belt or at a 90 degree angle to dull it) would I use this?
  11. zyhano

    Fixed blade storage ideas

    used to be in a box and scattered throughout the house. My folders in a pelican case. But this severely handicapped me enjoying them. Since a couple of months I have almost all my knives hanging on the wall of my walk-in closet and one at hand in about every room. Great for rotation and...
  12. zyhano

    Photos full edc loadout for today

    nah, just kidding, only the umnumzaan :P
  13. zyhano

    Photos benchmade fixed infidel compared to a bayonet dagger

    As you can see, the infidel is not that big, those bajonets are a bit bigger :) This bajonet is from after WW2, and from the 1800's toward now you can see the bajonets growing smaller and smaller.
  14. zyhano

    choose one: balisong or automatic out the front

    there is a superficial similarity: straight unergonomic handles and straight blades and they have a pointy look
  15. zyhano

    choose one: balisong or automatic out the front

    10-5 for otf's so far. I like the occasional corona boredom flipping and spinning and find the (in the house) use edc use fantastic. balisongs are so nice and simple, and simple most of the times means stronger. unfortunately no otf's are allowed here so can't comment on that. they do seem...
  16. zyhano

    choose one: balisong or automatic out the front

    So, if you had to choose one to use, what would you prefer and why? A balisong, or an automatic out the front knife. There's no need to make a valid argument (but you can if you like), a preference because you just dig it is fine also :) I'm curious to your thoughts! thanks.
  17. zyhano

    Photos umnumzaan refurbishing (o-rings, new hardware and sharpening)

    fair enough :), I thought about using pliers, but there was enough blade left to hold it properly