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    I am truly hoping there will be one for everyone who wants one. I know I want one :D.
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    This might be heresy around these parts, but I am new to CPK, so no offense is intended... but, could this be a good knife for Larrin's new CPM MagnaCut?
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    The Kirby Lambert Crossroads

    Dang, I hope the micarta shows up too. Micarta was a buy, G10... probably not.
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    Idea Push, Basic Kukri

    With a Regulator handle, the flared base would be great for chopping, and look more authentic.
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    Idea Push, Basic Kukri

    Think with all the releases lately we might actually get a basic Kukri???
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    "Lum Tribute" LT Sneak EDC

    I really like this one, great work! I would be interested seeing one with a more contoured/rounded handle, the Spyderco Lum Tanto. :thumbup:
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    Leviathan Chopper

    Great design, great look, great price! I look forward to seeing more. :thumbup:
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    Fairbairn-Sykes dagger

    Beautiful. :thumbup:
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    5160 dagger

    That is a beauty! Great looking grinds :thumbup:.
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    What do you guys want to see next??

    I'd love to see a Khukuri through your eyes. Khukuri blade with a wrapped handled, one of your signature fullers... I think it could be amazing!
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    Two 5160 Neo-tribal Camp Tantos

    Very cool! Good job getting a prominent yokote :thumbup:.
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    Large blade Specwar by Vaughn Neeley C/PICS

    Extremely cool piece! Good luck with your sale.
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    New model - "Kuzuri" tanto

    So nice! Great work Ben :thumbup:.
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    Frontflipper In Honduran Rosewood SOLD

    Very, very nice! :thumbup:
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    Custom shop Kershaw Link with Titanium fluted scales; deassisted and NIB

    Those scales are amazing! Great work. Good luck with your sale.
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    Purpleheart Tanto (Sold)

    Beautiful! :thumbup:
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    San Mai PFB in Stabilized Sycamore and Leather

    This is beautiful! Great work.
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    SIRIUS third SOLD

    Beautiful! And, a very reasonable price, someone is getting a gem. :thumbup: