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    Sprayon truckbed liner..walking staffs..handles..

    Plasti-dip is good stuff too. Very grippy and durable.
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    Mine and my wifes first pistols.

    Congrats, and thanks for taking the right path into the land of opportunity. Now go buy an AR! :P
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    Wanting a watch

    Oh, was under the impression it had a compass. Darn. Oh well, I EDC other compasses and compass-incorporating devices, so that's alright.
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    Wanting a watch

    So, I've lusted after some sleek piece of timekeeping for a while. I found Casio just yesterday, the G-Shock Riseman had me at "altimeter, barometer, compass". I'm not in a formal business setting, pretty casual where I work, the boss is a gear-head (he lusts after my ESEE-6, even though his...
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    *Update* Bought an AR receiver, now what?

    Three words: Palmetto State Armory.
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    Conclusive signs you married a Hog

    I just spilled my beer. Damn you! XD
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    Winter Hobby.....................Building AR15

    I'll play... Spikes upper, Armadynamics charging handle, DD BCG, BCM barrel, Midwest Industries rail, CMMG lower, Spikes LPK, Lancer magazines, LMT rear sight, Magpul front, Smith Vortex FH. Stag A2 stock, YHM gas block, standard rifle-length gas system. Has since received a VTAC MK2 padded...
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    Second AR-15.

    For $1000? Buy a Colt LE6920 from Grant a G&R Tactical.
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    My Preon 2 is GONE

    Woe is me. I learned a valuable lesson today, in a very, very painful way: Dummy Cord EVERYTHING! Already looking into a belt system for just this, as my Preon was snatched away by a seat belt and is lost from me for all time, in the hands of some punk who snatched it up in a parking lot after...
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    Today I bought a rifle....

    Make it disappear. I don't mean tomorrow, or next week. I mean now. Sick day, angle grinder, forge. Make a knife out of it or something. Destroy all evidence, and remove this thread ASAP. ETA: Missed that you sold it...
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    Need a New Flashlight!

    If you need a full-size light, look at Elzetta flashlights. Good stuff, in my experience (Run one on my AR, it's survived so far!)
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    Campo Meteorite for Damascus

    Amazing. Dream forging project, just to say you've done it huh?
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    Kel-Tec SU-16C

    An ultra-light AR-15 (admittedly, probably slightly more, but still very light) can be built, albeit for more money. The AR-15 will have greater durability and a better range of parts available, as well as a proven track record. There are very mixed reports about Kel-Tec's and while I love...
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    Emergency and survival gear for your car.

    I need to add some to my kit, but I have redundant lighting setups and chem lights for now. For fire I carry Trioxane as well as other firestarting gear.
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    keltec 12 gauge tactical shotgun. Thoughts?

    I never understood anyone coming into a debate with "well you don't need__________" You know what? Yeah. I need 15 friggin rounds to keep bad people out of my home. I don't like reloading, it's slow and boring and reloading is a good time to die. I like shooting, and if someone came into my...
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    you're going into the woods and you have to choose...

    Hatchet. Now if it was hatchet or khukuri...
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    Bruce Culberson Giant Knife/Camp Chopper/ Machete/Zombie Killer Review

    THAT IS INCREDIBLE. I want one. How much did you pay for that beast?
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    Pictures of this summers hikes and 3 new knives this week

    where are those amazing pools? looks like an incredible swimming hole.
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    Gun Porn Thread

    You...Lucky you...