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    Scope mounts, Surefire, sights, G19 holster, .308 FGMM brass

    I have several items for sale here that I need to move. No trades at this time please, only looking for cash at this time. Payment via PayPal G&S (fee is factored into price) or Zelle. Thanks! First is a set of Daniel Defense A1.5 fixed irons. Both front and rear are in absolutely excellent...
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    BK7 and BK9

    I have too many large knives for the time being, and need to offload a few due to changing circumstances. The following are for sale, and both are brand new: BK7 - This is labelled as a "fighting Bowie" by Becker, and it definitely looks like it would do well in that role. Blade length is...
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    CPK UF 6", Allegheny Knife Works M25-XL and M60 Field Combat Knife

    It's already sold (shown in the ad as "$OLD" with the dollar sign making the S), but thanks for the interest! The two AKW's are still available!
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    CPK UF 6", Allegheny Knife Works M25-XL and M60 Field Combat Knife

    Still available! Both of these are killer knives, folks! You won't be disappointed!
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    CPK UF 6", Allegheny Knife Works M25-XL and M60 Field Combat Knife

    Sorry you missed out, but asking for an email to initiate contact is not a commitment to buy, whereas "I'll take it" is. I've run my ads this way for years across more than a dozen forums as it helps to avoid confusion as to who had claim on the item first.
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    CPK UF 6", Allegheny Knife Works M25-XL and M60 Field Combat Knife

    Vinte77 was the first to expressly state that he'd take it just below your post, so he has first dibs. I'll put you second in line.
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    CPK UF 6", Allegheny Knife Works M25-XL and M60 Field Combat Knife

    These are all recent acquisitions, but life tends to take weird turns sometimes, and well... I'm not immune to that, haha. Each of these were eagerly awaited on my end, and each are fantastic, hand-crafted tools that will surely serve for years and years. I just can't afford to keep them right...
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    TriggerTech Competitive AR trigger, Timney CE 2-stage trigger for R700

    So I found a good deal on some Geissele triggers to replace these, so they need to go. First up is a "new" TriggerTech Competitive 3.5lb 2-stage trigger. I dropped it into a lower and snugged up the tension screws just enough to hold it in place, and have dry-fired it only. NO LIVE FIRE has...
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    SOLD thanks BF

    I’ll take it for $200 cash if you guys are unable to strike a trade deal.
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    Wicked edge and other sharpeners

    Your PM inbox is full. I’m interested in the WE GO depending on what’s included. Please send photos and details to me at j.preston93R at gmail dot com. Thank you!
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    Ontario Tak-1, Ritter RST Mk2, Kabar Fighter

    I’ll take the Ritter RSK MK2.
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    Luxury Puukko- damascus/stab maple/moose antler/desert ironwood (withdrawn)

    Wow, very nice! I don't really like Puukkos, but that thing is gorgeous!
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    SOLD, 6" Utility Fighter, Micarta, colors

    Perfect, thank you for the quick reply. I'm in no rush at all, especially since everybody deserves a three day weekend once in awhile! Just wasn't sure what to expect since it wasn't stated by Nathan in the OP. Looking forward to my first CPK!
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    SOLD, 6" Utility Fighter, Micarta, colors

    Quick question. When should we expect to receive a reply to the email to confirm we have a spot? I realize it's a holiday weekend, so I don't necessarily expect a reply immediately, but I wanted to make sure either a) I got in on the sale, or b) I didn't so I can re-allocate the funds towards...
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    M390; A8Mod and K720 - Seven New Knives in stock

    I’m interested in the knife below, but would also like to know which steel it is. Thanks! Agor 4.4 mm thick. 140 mm of blade. Brown canvas micarta + red liners. Stonewashed. ABS sheath included. Asking: 120 $ + 12$ shipping by Global Express
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    Rift vs Stryker II

    Stryker for me. I’ve owned both, and both are great blades, but the Stryker handle fit me much better. I still need to track down a 908BK to replace mine, but I seem to be on a weird fixed blade kick lately...
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    SOLD, 6" Utility Fighter, Micarta, colors

    I sent an email w/ the required info yesterday, so I’m in! Thanks!