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  1. frontiertom


    I'm In, if you would please? Thanks! Good luck everybody!
  2. frontiertom

    Reduced Recurve sold

    Hey Buddy, just wanted to let you know the knife got here today, and a great job you did! Just like all the others I have bought from you, I am very happy with my purchase! I will let you go for now, don't want to hold you up! Until the next time I see you have another knife I can afford, take...
  3. frontiertom

    The Adventures of Pearl !!! Host list post's #22 and #23

    I'd be honored to upset her for Central Florida? Just let me know!
  4. frontiertom

    Winner picked! MR. KNIFE'S NEVERENDING GIVEAWAY ROUND XII (New Years Edition)

    I would! like to be added to this list also please,. if that is possible?
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    I'd like to be added to this list, is it just a matter of request, or is There something else?I'll be waiting to hear back from you and thanks! Take care!
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    I would like to be added to that list, if I could? How are the names Picked? And once I get the box, do I just ship it to the next person on the list? If you could Please send me a list of the rules I would appreciate it! I'll be waiting to hear from you and thanks! Take care!
  7. frontiertom

    apple hunter

    O.K. My friend! I appreciate you getting back to me! I will try to get bacK to you when I have some money! I'm looking forward to adding one of those to my collection! That may take a while the way my wife holds the money strings but, you will hear from me! Thanks again, take care! Oh, could...
  8. frontiertom

    apple hunter

    Wow, I'm impressed with your work! Is this a knife you make on a fairly regular basis? I cannot afford one right now but, when I can afford one, will I be able to count on being able to get one just as pretty as this one? Im looking forward to it! You do find work! Take care! Ft
  9. frontiertom

    End Of Year Blow Out Sale

    Ydh , didn't I see a Hudson Bay thefe? Did you make that Hudson bay? If so could I get one made for me? I'll be waiting to hear back from you! Thanks!
  10. frontiertom

    Hatchet and Belt Hawk

    On John!
  11. frontiertom

    Hatchet and Belt Hawk

    I thought I replied the price as it was an order, so you won't make it for me now? I have to take my money some Place else! Do you have the materials? Let me know please!
  12. frontiertom

    Hatchet and Belt Hawk

    I'll be dogged if I know! Anyway what is up with my knife on order? I'm having Yvonne write the check for it this afternoon and I will get that in The mail today also! That was $420.00 correct?
  13. frontiertom

    Hatchet and Belt Hawk

    John can you tell Me If you if you got my email here about the knife?
  14. frontiertom

    Deluxe Hurley Creek Lite

    I'm figuring that the reason there's not much interest in this knife, is that nobody has any money! You know how it is! Hope things pick up for everyone! Later!
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    Fishing thread

    I love fly fishing too! I really love fly fishing for brim (or bluegill, depending on where you're from)! That was a beautiful bluegill rdrogers! Yes sir, I love eatin' bluegill and crappie! A big old fish fry, with a mess of bluegill, and crappie, hush puppies, onion rings, cold slaw, and...
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    Let’s Get Started

    Anybody got any good, big foot stories as of late?
  17. frontiertom

    Let’s Get Started

    Hey, do ya have to be a liberal, to get that leave stuff?
  18. frontiertom

    Let’s Get Started

    Now, that is a woman I can get behind! She was one beautiful woman in her younger days! One of my favorites!
  19. frontiertom

    The "Whatever" Thread

    Very nice photos as usual mykel m! Just wanted to jump in here, to thank John for the last knife he sent me a few weeks back! It was beautifully done as usual! John, I also decided to make the order on the Hudson Bay Knife we talked about! I will PM that order to you as soon as I finish...