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    Recommendation? Sharpener

    If you hadn't specified your caveats, I'd steer you towards EdgePro Professional, or at least the EdgePro Apex. I know you're hesitant about the price of the KOW, but you must be curious or you wouldn't have asked. So let me ask you this, will you be happier saving money today, and from now on...
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    Recommendation? Old sashimi knife, cracked

    It looks like you're now going to have a shorter knife. On the bright side, the short stump might be long enough to make yourself a new knife.
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    Recommendations on who can mill out solid titanium scales?

    That's not been my experience. I find it tough and prone to work hardening. But then again, I don't even know what "g code" is.
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    Hi there and a new guy question

    That question is more complicated than you might imagine. I have stones up to around 8k, and CBN slurry down to about a quarter micron. However, it's not often that I go that fine nowadays. I like to sharpen most of my EDC knives at either 250 or 650 on the EP diamond matrix stones. Kitchen...
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    Hi there and a new guy question

    Hey, Jay. Cheap Chinese stones don't perform well. Regardless, all stones will need to be flattened periodically. A glass plate with silicon carbide powder is what you'll need. Better stones will allow you to do better work. Chosera's are nice. EdgePro stones are ok. If you're looking for...
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    Recommendation? How Long to Burr when Reprofiling

    That sounds like a reasonable course of action. Sometimes an edge is so blunted that you need to remove a lot of material to restore it. And the 220 is also a good idea. 120 is rather course, and it can leave the edge so rough that it might be hard to detect a burr. I've always found that a...
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    Recommendation? How Long to Burr when Reprofiling

    Is your stone removing material? From where on the blade is the material being removed? My first thought is that you're way under 20 degrees. When you set up with your fancy digital cube, are the marks on your EdgePro also indicating that you're somewhere near 20 degrees? Is it a factory...
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    Edge Pro Apex: which version to buy?

    I've got to agree with the others. While I've not used the Apex, I'm sold on the Pro model. And for the steels you mention, whether you go Apex or Pro, definitely get the diamond matrix stones. For lesser steels, I prefer more traditional stones.
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    edge pro and larger knives question

    Only an EdgePro Professional user. I like the ability to move the blade where I want it without having to deal with a clamp. What specifically are you looking for?
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    Longest you waited for pre-order

    Ahdunno, a several months, maybe. If it takes too long, the novelty of the vaporware knife fades and I cancel the order. Some recents that I've given up on were the Chief in REX45, Swick, Bug and Grasshopper in DLC, Endela and Endura in K390 SE. For this reason, I've decided that BHQ and I...
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    Edge Tester - 3D

    Good on ya, 777. Don't fret the naysayers. Your implementation is clever and could be useful. I'm always intrigued by you 3-D printer guys. When I see something like that, my brain goes to aluminum and a lathe. I wouldn't know how to get started using your tools. Thanks.
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    Looking for new sharpening jig

    I'll throw this in for those who are on the fence: The three point guide and the magnet are excellent improvements to the original product. Get 'em! The magnet wasn't originally available for older Professional models, but EdgePro will now change out the table on older ones.
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    What exactly do we mean by "shaving sharp"?

    Sure, right after I see you on YouTube shaving that homely mug with your Bowie knife. :D:eek::oops:
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    What exactly do we mean by "shaving sharp"?

    You can ask, but will the answers you get be legitimate? I used to be as curious as you. So many guys crowing about their mad sharpening skills, but on the rare occasion that they post a pic, you do a double take and think, "Jeez! That's the ugliest work I've seen in ages!" I'll try to be...
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    Chinese Water Stone

    Back in the early days, I was a cheapskate and used cheap Chinese stones. My work was ok, but it sort of plateaued. At the advice of a friend, I started using some Japanese stones. Overnight, my work improved dramatically. Now I use a variety of Japanese and American stones, depending on what...
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    How accurate is the sharpie method?

    The Sharpie is ok if you have experience and know what it's telling you. The problem with relying on the Sharpie test exclusively is as you noticed. When you run the stone along the blade, you're making a slurry of water, stone, and steel. A thin layer of this slurry will be dragged between...
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    Tapping holes so I can reposition the clip on my Leek.

    Hey, guys. Just a couple tips for those who might tackle this in the future. As Josh mentioned, you'll want to use a larger hole. Stainless is difficult to work with, and you're not building space shuttles. #49 is fine. Secondly, trying to tap such a small hole by hand can be problematic...
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    Stropping; At My Wits End!!

    Yeah... no. A lot of folks play fast and loose with their words and descriptions. Don't compare your actual observations with the claims you read on the interwebs.
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    Edge Pro Apex 4 Vs Ruixin

    Glad you got the EdgePro. Not only is it's better built tool, but the supplied stones are superior to... the ones that come from that other location. If you'd bought the other one, you'd soon have to pony up for better stones.