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  1. erik markman


    Great work from David.
  2. erik markman

    How To Slipjoint tutorials and advice

    I made a slipjoint following your videos and it worked flawless.
  3. erik markman

    MOP Integral Fighter

    Beautiful piece.
  4. erik markman

    Buy a 2000mm belt in USA?

    Claude made his for 2500 belts. Stock kmg takes 2000 mm.
  5. erik markman

    Buy a 2000mm belt in USA?

    Just make sure your toolarm slides in and out far enough so it works for both sizes. Easy fix.
  6. erik markman

    Tool Arm, KMG vs DD Extreme?

    The Northridge RAT arm is rocksolid and built very precise. I think it is the best there is.
  7. erik markman

    Quench oil UK or eu

    Durixol has several speeds of quench oil. 25 is medium speed. I think 35 or so is faster.
  8. erik markman

    Knifemakers whats your edc

    Diskin Flipper or my Kingfisher.
  9. erik markman

    First cable Damascus attempt

    Weld the ends. Untwist a bit when fluxing. Twist very tight at welding heat. Turn anti clockwise when hammering all around. Flatten.
  10. erik markman

    Sewing machine? Will this be good for stitching sheaths?
  11. erik markman

    Northridge Tool grinder review.

    The only noise is from the belt.
  12. erik markman

    KMG has a new grinder!

    You must be special if you get 2 emails from them.
  13. erik markman

    Peter Del Raso Award Winning Beauty

    Sweet! Love his designs.