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  1. zzyzzogeton

    Can anyone tell what I'm doing wrong from this YouTube video?

    Weeellll,,,,,,, It depends on the throwing style/method and the knife. Bowies used in Mountain Man Style are REQUIRED to have handles or wood, bone, stag or leather and the knives are thrown 1 and 2 spin only by the handle. I have throwing Bowies with leather, wood and micarta scales, as...
  2. zzyzzogeton

    Can anyone tell what I'm doing wrong from this YouTube video?

    Plywood is bad from a sticking aspect. Too much rebound. As others said, endgrain is best. Cottonwood and sycamore are best, pine is acceptable. Oak, pecan, mesquite, hickory, i.e., hardwoods should be avoided. Target butts angled back are not conducive to sticking either. The target butt...
  3. zzyzzogeton

    The price was right so I bought it

    Carbon V was an advertising name that Cold Steel used. Camillus used a steel made by Sharon Steel called 0170-6 cutlery steel. 0170-6 was 1095 with nickle, chrome and vanadium added to "common" 1095.
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    Recommend me an Etching Fluid?

    Actually, RadioShack is still around, and they still sell the etchant.
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    KA-BAR Photo Thread - Post Your Ka-Bar Knife Pictures Here

    There was a lot of "trading" going on. A Navy type could easily replace a "lost" knife and if an Air Corps dude had something a squid couldn't get on a ship, well, trades happened.
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    The real reason balisongs were banned?

    Mark Twain and others in the 1890s and early 1900s popularized a saying that came from the mid-1880s and is itself a rephrasing of an even earlier saying - "There 3 kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics." Taking it a little further, I say there are 3 kinds of liars - criminals...
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    Camillus identification

    That stamp was introduced in 1989, so knife is after that. What is the blade length? If the blade it 2-1/2" long, and the handle is 3" long, then it would be the 901B of the Promaster line, introduced in 1992. The 901B is not in the 1994 and the rest of the Promaster line is gone in the 1996...
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    Older Ka-Bar Catalogs

    They are really good knives. I have 3 of them. Maybe, it's time for a reincarnation project.
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    Custom Kunai

    I believe Thomas Stuckey of Angel Fire Knives (on FB and ETSY) has made them in the past, but he doesn't have any in his ETSY store right now. You can contact hom through his ETSY page or on FB. Tell him "Gator sent me.". He might only double the price on you. ;)
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    Shuriken/throwing stars still illegal in Kansas

    They modified the statue to allow for ownership but did not modify the "carry" portion. Obviously, I don't know the intention of the partial change, but back when Texas had less lax knife laws, we could OWN damn near anything, we just couldn't carry them "in public". I could own and carry...
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    Off Topic Springtime is lovely for a stroll in the snark

    I reported the item as being counterfeit to fleabay a couple of weeks ago and the offering is still up. I assume the seller pays fleabay enough to get a pass. Says 4 sold in the last 24 hours, so I guess someone finally bought 4 at once since a search of the seller's sold items only brings up...
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    Off Topic Springtime is lovely for a stroll in the snark

    If they won't, just go with her, let her browse around and pick out what she wants and boom, you pay for it with free money. Who knows, maybe the day you go in, they'll have a Blackjack BK4 on the clearance table for $10.
  13. zzyzzogeton

    BSA Adventurer 1980 Camillus #8

    Don't know why my post double posted.
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    BSA Adventurer 1980 Camillus #8

    The "regular" ones that are not marked BSA and are used usually run in the $30 to $50 range. NIB versions are listed on fleabay for more than than $150 - $260ish and $319ish - but they also aren't moving at those prices. The BSA versions are less frequently seen, especially NIB/NIP versions...
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    Off Topic Springtime is lovely for a stroll in the snark

    It's hereditary, so, yeah, you may come down with it at any time, or you may never develop it. You can delay it by eliminating the purine-rich foods from your diet, but according to what I have read, eliminating the foods from your diet AFTER you develop it won't help. I just happened to...
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    Off Topic Springtime is lovely for a stroll in the snark

    I started the allopurinol last Monday and there doesn't seem to be any improvement yet. Soaking my foot in epsome salts and hot water, using rice hot packs, popping anti-inflamatories, keeping it elevated when not in use, etc..... The only 2 items on the list that I still consume are high...
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    Off Topic Springtime is lovely for a stroll in the snark

    All I can say is that gout sucks. Both big toes. Walking hurts like a sumbitch. The dog stepping on a toe REALLY hurts. When the doc hands you a list of "24 things not to eat when you have gout" to eliminate from your diet and you tell him that you have already eliminated 22 of the 24 and...
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    leather or plastic sheath?

    I prefer leather, but will use plastic in certain environments - rainy, muddy, oily, chemicals, etc. Easier to clean and decontaminate. I have both leather and plastic for every full size or 3/4 shorty Kabar I have and switch out sheaths as the situation dictates.
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    Bayonet Assortment ID Help

    The M4s are 1944/1945 WW2 bayonets. May or may not have been issued during the KW and VN wars. The M5 came out as a replacement for the M4. The difference was the lug release on the M5 was easier to manipulate while wearing heavy winter gloves. Prices are all over the map. Having sheaths...
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    Bayonet Assortment ID Help

    The Belgian ones run $50 to $140, DOC and absence/presence of a frog. There are several that are on fleabay that have much higher prices listed on them. They have been sitting there for a while. The export versions tend to go for $40 to $75, again DOC and if there is a frog.