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  1. supermansv

    Spyderco Swayback (SOLD), Southard (WITHDRAWN), and GB1 (SOLD)

    I'll take the GB1 per our PM. Payment sent. Thank you!
  2. supermansv

    Microtech LUDT 135-1 BL (SOLD)

    I'll take the LUDT per our PM. Payment sent. Thank you!
  3. supermansv

    Blades & Bourbon

    Saw the recommendations for the Bulleit 10yr. I'm definitely enjoying it.
  4. supermansv

    Everyone's latest acquisitions!

    100% agree with your statement and I'm certainly not blaming anyone but myself :). I should have done more research to better understand the size difference. I guess I had just heard it's between the Delica and Endura, so I "ass-u-me"d (incorrectly) it would be closer to the Delica in size. When...
  5. supermansv

    Everyone's latest acquisitions!

    I recently picked up the K390 Endela as well and for some reason I thought it would only be slightly bigger than the Delica. To me, it's quite large in the pocket. I also enjoy the K390, so I will likely keep it, but it was certainly bigger than I expected. Probably lots of these, but here are a...
  6. supermansv

    Knives and Coffee

  7. supermansv

    Knives and Coffee

  8. supermansv

    Benchmade 940-1 experiences?

    I've also had no issues with the thumb studs in terms of use or them getting in the way. From a 'worth it' perspective, it's all in the eye of the beholder. For me personally, I paid full retail for a 940 last year from Sportsmans. After using for EDC on/off for a few months, I realized it's...
  9. supermansv

    Knives and Coffee

  10. supermansv

    I guess I got carried away this month.

    Oh man do I feel the same way right about now! After my latest purchase, I need to cut myself off for a while. Yes, pun intended. And it's bad enough that I had to purchase a mechanics tool chest to hold all the knives I've bought over the last 2 months.. If that tells you anything :)
  11. supermansv

    Knives and Coffee

  12. supermansv

    Spyderco Para 3 / Spyderco Delica 4 / Spyderco Chaparral Carbon Fiber CTS-XHP

    I'll take the sodbuster. *Update - Payment sent. Thank you!
  13. supermansv

    Knives and Coffee

  14. supermansv

    Torx bits

    I recently went through this journey. Keep in mind that many of the Wiha bit options listed previously seem to be out of stock at the 'well known' retailers. Specifically I kept hearing to get the Wiha 79242 torx bit set. Maybe you can get it off ebay, but again, the source can be questionable...
  15. supermansv

    Close thread please BNIB Spyderco Smock s30v

    Just a heads up I'm getting a 'photo's not available' error.