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  1. cobrajet

    No School like Old School

    My kids friends minds were blown with the crank windows in our 69 Camaro. Especially the small ones in the back seat.
  2. cobrajet

    Use vs non-use

    What is the coated one 5 from the top on the right?
  3. cobrajet

    Busses and Guns

    I don't know if they show up for you, but I can't see any of the pictures you have posted.
  4. cobrajet


    What are you guys using to sharpen your convex edges? More specifically, for those that actually use your knives, what do you use out in the field, whether it's camping, back packing/hiking. When you don't have access to a Worksharp or the mousepad. Diamond rod, ceramic rod, diamond stone?
  5. cobrajet

    New to busse acronyms

    I'm with the other guys about limiting yourself. There are people on here that prefer SR101 over INFI. You can always get coated SR101. If your not a fan of coating, you can always strip the blade, and then it's still coated around the handle and under the scales. I also totally understand...
  6. cobrajet

    Yard Wharncliffe!!

    Hopefully none of you are sitting on the porch like this waiting for your order to show up.
  7. cobrajet

    Busses and Guns

    Yeah, I'm a bit of a nerd hoarder. I still have my Transformers, He-Man (my kids have taken them over), G.I. Joe, Voltron and Star Wars.
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    I have never kept a consistent eye over a long term on the Busse website. Is there a notice when a knife will be taken out of production, or is it just gone one day?
  9. cobrajet

    Busses and Guns

    It is modeled after the P38
  10. cobrajet

    Busses and Guns

    Ok folks, this might be stretching it a bit, but like I've mentioned before, I am so stoked about this thing, I need to find ways to post it. I don't have any actual firearms, so this will have to do. Children of the 80's should appreciate it.
  11. cobrajet

    Photos Nothing But BUSSE & 'KIN Pics- Part III NO CHATTING

    Nuked Forsaken Steel Heart
  12. cobrajet

    Busse Knife pics, some favorites

    Man, I love this thing. Nuked Forsaken Steel Heart.
  13. cobrajet

    These folks need some INFI.

    One of the best shows to dvr. Fast forward through all of the boring stuff.
  14. cobrajet

    Off Topic Thinking of Inking...

    You should just get that entire picture of W.A.S.P. on your arm.
  15. cobrajet


    I've just been wearing it on my hip around the house. Cooked a pork butt today, prime photo op. I need to go through the older threads and see what else I can post. I can't believe how giddy I am.
  16. cobrajet


    Well folks, I finally did it. I'm officially one of the cool kids. My first Busse. Nuked Forsaken Steel Heart. I think I nailed it. It showed up yesterday. I think I need at least one more, because my two kids are already arguing over who gets it when I'm dead. They're 12 and 15. Not sure if...
  17. cobrajet

    HR2 First Busse

    This last weekend I found a couple of new Youtube vids from Easy Going Outdoors who is actually USING his HR2 and not just a table top review. Might be worth checking out.
  18. cobrajet

    Off Topic What song are you listening to?

    We saw Royal Blood a couple of years ago when they opened for Guns n Roses. They were good.
  19. cobrajet

    Busse Knife pics, some favorites

    For all of us uneducated folk, could you please let us know what model you're posting.
  20. cobrajet

    Off Topic Best Christmas Gift???

    The socks comments made me remember I got underwear from my wife. Not just any underwear, mind you, she found some company that prints faces on them. They're awesome!!