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    GEC 79 Workhorse. I'm late to the party on this one.

    I have a kingwood whittler in my pocket right now. Love the pattern, both two and three bladed. Feels good in the hand, and rides small in the pocket. I think that one is the African Blackwood, if I'm not mistaken.
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    Has anyone bought doubles of a TRADITIONAL knife you love?

    I have doubles of most of my traditionals, sometimes with the same recipe (same covers and steel), sometimes a different. I'm a big fan of the 54 whittler, and every time I go after one, I know that I have to plan on double that money. One to play with, one to admire. Or pull out in the case of...
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    Age Group?

    36 and counting.
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    What Makes a Good, Traditional Barlow?

    Ha! I sure hope so, not to make irritation for Peregrin or any other mod, but so I'm no longer the latest recipient of red writing. Think this may be the first I've been on the receiving end of the red. I'll have to hang my head in contrition until then, and likely have to wait for the next run...
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    What Makes a Good, Traditional Barlow?

    Apologies. Poor form on my part. Had a question and typed it out without thinking.
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    What Makes a Good, Traditional Barlow?

    Sorry for an aside here, but can someone tell me what vendors get the TC's in? The one place I used to see them has no listing, or even mention of them. I've missed every single run, and they last all of two minutes on the Exchange.
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    What "Traditional Knife" are ya totin' today?

    God speed on the surgery and recovery.
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    Fs gec banana peel bone #54

    Very long shot seconds, in an unforgiving world. Just missed out on one of these at auction.
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    The Mighty Mighty Moose! Post your mighty moose and provide insight to this pattern!

    Wish I could have been in on that AAPK moose. Every single picture I've seen has been outstanding, and I still don't have any blood red jigged bone in my collection.
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    Queen 2015

    I think a stamped bolster would be pretty nice way to round out that knife. I'm not knocking it as it is, that would just really be the icing on the cake.
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    Who of you EDC's a GEC large jack?

    I carry a 54 whittler a lot. If you can handle a large case stockman in the pocket, any of the 54's should be fine. I do use a slip for it though, to keep it from falling down sideways in my pocket.
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    I'm in. I've been a paying member for three or four years now, mostly because I get a lot of enjoyment out of popping in and just reading, but also on the off chance I felt the need to PM. I actually just recently made my first real use of the Exchange. Absolutely amazing giveaway, thanks...
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    Madison Barlow Give Away. ***Winner***

    Onespdfrk, you do some nice quick mock ups! I'd love that in a lock back. Missed out on the Mudbug...
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    Madison Barlow Give Away. ***Winner***

    I'd love to see a 3 1/4- 3 1/2 pen, with a clip and coping. I'll second/third blackbrit and onespdfrk on the whittler idea.
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    4 blade stockman with a cap lifter

    ^^^^ Ha! I might really have to get one now!
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    GEC..About To Buy 2..Your Favorite Pattern Is?

    Anything on a 54 frame or the 66.
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    4 blade stockman with a cap lifter

    I've been looking at that one for a wee bit ,too. Cap lifter/screwdriver combo seems pretty darn useful. Not a beer drinker myself but on occasion I pick up a case of Mexican Coke, and that would be fun to pop the caps with. I may have to get one. I have a couple of other Rough Riders, and I've...
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    Knife Storage-Tool Box padding

    I have most of my knives stored in the top two drawers of a newer Craftsman toolbox. Haven't had an issue with discoloration on any of my bone users, including some very light Case amber bone, and some of them have spent the better part of a year laying on top of that foam rubber cross-hatch...