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    vintage or old school

    First thing I thought of when I saw that square hole hole was roller skates. (How many of y’all relate to that)
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    Recommendation? "Full Conceal" folding guns , anyone ?

    Hey let’s give credit where credits due. They succeeded in f_ _g up one of the most dependable handguns ever made.
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    School me on flashlights!!

    I recommend this Streamlight also. Two battery options , fits flat in the bottom of pocket.
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    FS: Benchmade AFCK and 710

    Could you send me an email on the 710 thx. [email protected]
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    What's your favorite bag?

    Probably 10 years or so. At times pretty loaded and still in great shape. Can’t beat quality.
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    What’s your favorite tiny folding knife?

    Mine (tiny flashlights too)
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    Teddy Roosevelt’s Pocket Knife??

    Saw this on Amazon
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    BEST tool on a SAK besides the knife?

    After my divorce in 98 I used a P38 for around 8 years been using my SAK can opener since so definitely the can opener
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    Far Side

    The Far Side is back
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    S&W Model 19-No Dash 4" Nickel 99% finish

    Isn’t that what Bill Jordan carried?
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    I’d like to have seconds if it falls through
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    WEEK 52 - FINAL BOSS WEEK - 20th Anniversary Year of Giveways

    Holy s___! I’m in and thank you for all you’ve done this year
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    Photos Colection r-evolution

    Kershaw, then Spyderco Endura for 14 years, added a SAK farmer with it now ether BM or Emerson with a SAK hiker
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    New knife comming

    CW , my friend it’s your first of many. I started with the Ore carver but now I’ll use any of these that happens be the closest. And four is nothing compared to a lot of whittlers
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    What's your most useful knife?

    SAK hiker
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    What watch do you wear?

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    leatherman wave

    Hey Mitch is that the original sheath? Got mine around ten years ago and it didn’t come with that belt clip
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    If you had to pick one Victorinox, which one would it be?

    Hiker replaced my farmer for the small blade. I reshaped the small blade for whittling