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    The unofficial, non binding, carries no weight, 2021 forum knife possibility discussion thread

    A CV peanut that is in almost anything other than yellow plastic would certainly get me interested especially if it is in the $60 range and i haven't bought a forum knife yet a lower price point could probably boost sales enough to meet that minimum if the chosen knife has enough mass appeal.
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    Modifying a metallography polisher to sharpen knives

    sounds like your setup was rather different, the setup i used was 2 wheels with adjustable speeds which used either adhesive backed sandpaper, or diamond plates for the first few steps depending on the material being prepared and some soft plates to which various grits of diamond were applied to...
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    1095 steel tempering color?

    If you are really worried about it get an oven thermometer to double check that your ovens temperature is accurate, if the temperature is accurate you will be fine.
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    Kitchen Knives and cutting boards....

    bamboo has a higher silicate content then most other types of wood, it is perfectly fine for cutting boards in my opinion but it will dull knives faster.
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    Modifying a metallography polisher to sharpen knives

    I was thinking of removing the splash ring.
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    Most painful tomahawk injury

    Not a tomahawk, but the worst axe related injury i have sustained was a bruise from when i accidentally hit myself in the shin with an old hatchet when i was a kid(this was before i learned how to sharpen), later that day I developed a nastier bruise a bit higher on my shin when i tripped over a...
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    Modifying a metallography polisher to sharpen knives

    It has been difficult for me to find a price quote. Edit- just found a couple listed with the price, looks like they cost about twice what I expected.
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    Modifying a metallography polisher to sharpen knives

    I have been wondering if anyone has tried modifying a manual metallography polisher to sharpen knives. When I was in college I spent a fair bit of time polishing samples for metallography using manual polishers and always thought that with a little modification it would they would make great...
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    Is this specific knife decent? On sale? Coolina...

    depending on what steel they use they look a bit overly similar to the forged in fire branded knives(have used forged in fire branded knives and do not recommend the geometry sucks and the balance is terrible) do you have a source that indicates the stock thickness and thickness behind the edge...
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    Modified Production Knives (traditional only)

    Here are some videos on my imperial electricians knife project i performed a blade delete(first time i tried a blade delete) and essentially turned it into a barlow with pinned brass bolsters and Osage Orange covers
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    Victorinox florist knife.

    Used them in high school for horticulture class, wonderful knives.
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    Recommendation? Henckels Professional S Chef Knife vs ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS PRO CHEF’S KNIFE

    Fibrox knives are decent quality most things more expensive fibrox only differ on qualities that are really only better as the result of personal preference rather than objective quality, the steel is hard enough the blade stock is thin enough to be useable but thick enough to be tough the...
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    What type of wood is this?

    I could trade you some unshaped osage orange(it has been in the garage for a couple years but isn't quite seasoned) for an equal weight of walnut boards.
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    Reblade Question

    Are these knives swindon key construction?
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    Modified Production Knives (traditional only)

    Made some adjustments to one of my knives I did yesterday I tried to record what i could.
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    Modified Production Knives (traditional only)

    Another one of my older projects, this was only my second attempt at scrimshaw.
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    What "Traditional Knife" are ya totin' today? My modified stockman which used it to make some lemonade this morning.
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    Modified Production Knives (traditional only)

    I have since lost this knife but this was a fun project and i really liked the result.
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    Rough Ryder Reserve: New Premium Rough Ryder Line

    I have several rough ryders and despite having used them hard including batoning with some of them(i was 13 and didn't care if i broke the blade of a cheap slip joint) i have never chipped a rough ryder let alone broke a blade. if my experience is anything to go by this was probably an edge case.
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    Rough Ryder Reserve: New Premium Rough Ryder Line

    That probably won't be economically viable in the next 50 years even if the knives are extremely cheaply made it currently costs roughly $10,000 just to get a pound of material in orbit let alone the moon which is much farther away than standard near earth orbit so the costs are going to be much...