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    EMERSONS: Horseman and Super Commander

    I'll take the CQC-7V. What type of payment do you take? Sending you a PM now.
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    Choosing a Splitting Axe

    You are correct. I should have been more specific and said splitting wedge. A splitting wedge is steel. And please don't ruin a nice axe by hitting a splitting wedge with the axe poll. Use a splitting maul or a sledge hammer. And use eye protection. As you use a splitting wedge the head will...
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    Choosing a Splitting Axe

    The wood will define the tool. But one thing I prefer is a long handle. When splitting for extended periods of time you will miss. A long handle helps to prevent you from hitting your feet. And for accuracy, a long handle works as well as a shorter handle IMO. For easy to split pine I even use a...
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    CLOSED, Pre-order, Kephart

    How did this one sneak past me. If still available, I am in for one. invoiced
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    These must go! Prices Reduced!!

    I'll take the Guardian 4. Pm on the way
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    Recommendation? Red Dot

    I have an Ultradot on a Ruger Redhawk 44 magnum. Ultradots are extremely tough. And I find a tube type sight is faster for me to acquire on a handgun. You naturally look through the tube, where a reflex style sight is easier to lose the dot. But with a rifle, you won't have that problem...
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    2011 Nyala vs 2020 Nyala

    The older one also has a very different plunge line. It is more curved. And the curve of the finger guard looks more "open" in the photo. But maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me.
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    Axe? Please educate me

    Regardless of how many times someone is told not to use the poll of an axe for striking, it will be done. Will 3V handle that abuse without fracturing? Or is a differential heat possible? Would a more pronounced S grind be beneficial to help prevent sticking? Or would it actually be counter...
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    In for one with black canvas micarta. paid 11/20 shipped
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    Poll, gauging satisfaction on pre-orders

    Yes on pre orders. I have been 100% satisfied with pre ordering. CPK gives a realistic time frame for delivery. And you can get it the way you want it. Many of us can't make the friday feeding frenzies. And I absolutely have to get a DEK.
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    Recommendation? Flipper under $200

    Coming in at 2.9 inches, you might have a look at the Ace Biblio. Mine took a little while to break in, but now I really like it. It is about as small as I can go and still handle it while flipping.
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    Bark River

    If your preferred method of payment is paypal, I'll take it.
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    SOLD - Two Chefs in 1084 - Green and Black G10

    And I will take the remaining knife.
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    FABU Discount? . . . . Decipher The Acronym And Win $100.00

    Fusion Attack Badger Unlimited Fusion Attack Busse Unlimited Fusion Attack Bataniku Unlimited Fusion Anniversary Busse Unlimited Fusion Anniversary Badger Unlimited Fusion Anniversary Bataniku Unlimited Fusion Air Badger Unlimited Fusion Air Busse Unlimited Fusion Air Bataniku Unlimited
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    FABU Discount? . . . . Decipher The Acronym And Win $100.00

    Fusion Attack Badger Ultra Fusion Attack Busse Ultra Fusion Attack Bataniku Ultra Fusion Anniversary Busse Ultra Fusion Anniversary Badger Ultra Fusion Anniversary Bataniku Ultra Fusion Air Badger Ultra Fusion Air Busse Ultra Fusion Air Bataniku Ultra Fusion Air Badger Ultra Fusion Anniversary...
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    FABU Discount? . . . . Decipher The Acronym And Win $100.00

    Fusion Air Breaker Ultimate
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    FABU Discount? . . . . Decipher The Acronym And Win $100.00

    Fusion Air Buster Ultimate
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    FABU Discount? . . . . Decipher The Acronym And Win $100.00

    First Anniversary Busse Ultimate
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    FABU Discount? . . . . Decipher The Acronym And Win $100.00

    Fusion Attack Busse Upgrade Fighter Attack Busse Upgrade Fuller Attack Busse Upgrade Fusion Attack Badger Upgrade Fusion Attack Battle Upgrade Fusion Attack Big Upgrade