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  1. jazub

    Lockdown Walks

    Haha. I took for granted that everybody else is in an urban environment where the whole damn place is wearing masks like some kind of b-horror science fiction movie. I should change the thread: "what blade do you take out into your post-apocalyptic urban environment when you go on your legally...
  2. jazub

    Lockdown Walks

    I have been walking with a [re-bladed] Benchmade 9051. What do you take on these walks (if this is the current way of life where you live)?
  3. jazub

    Benchmade’s owner has passed away

    Saddened by the news of this loss. Condolences to the deAsis family. RIP, Les.
  4. jazub

    What Leatherman would you recommend?

    I carried a Rebar on my belt at work for a couple of years and it was great to beat up and not worry about. It is an excellent tool. Losing a little time opening the whole thing up and digging for tools didn't matter because somebody was paying me. On my own time, and since changing from dirtier...
  5. jazub

    Benchmade & Spyderco For Sale

    All knives listed are available until marked otherwise. :thumbsup:
  6. jazub

    Benchmade fans - need a recommendation

    940 :thumbsup::thumbsup:
  7. jazub

    Benchmade & Spyderco For Sale

    Hi Brandon. The Griptilian is not a mini. PMs should work now. Thx for heads up
  8. jazub

    Benchmade & Spyderco For Sale

    Good Afternoon Gents, For sale are: 5) Spyderco CTS XHP Orange G10 Cutlery Shoppe Exclusive Para 3 (new & unused) USA sales only. All prices include shipping in the USA. All prices include Paypal fees. All prices are at least $40 less than retail. Prices firm for first 7 days of listing. Not...
  9. jazub

    Review BM Bailout design critique (pre-release)

    Just got to Manila on a stopover after a couple of weeks in China and saw this release. My travel knife was a Victorinox Compact which mainly opened bottle tops but also cut some foods. After falling goofily in love with the Bugout in the last 4 months (have 2 now), this 537 looks awesome. The...
  10. jazub

    Anybody travel?

    Agreed that for domestic travel $25 in each direction is a tough pill to swallow. I recently went the route of buying a knife at my destination and then mailing it home the last day for 5 bucks. Worked great and the other $45 went toward a cool knife and not a stingy airline.
  11. jazub

    Anybody travel?

    Currently on tarmac waiting to take off to Mexico City. There is a Minichamp in my checked bag along with my main folder. I normally take a Vic Climber or Explorer along but going to try the Minichamp out this time. Will pick up a larger SAK there if the mini doesn’t do its job -but I’m excited...
  12. jazub

    Recommendation? heavy duty EDC

    Get a Leatherman and an inexpensive liner lock or utility knife for work and use the rest of your $ for a folder you care about and want in your pocket after work hours. Good luck in your new job. :thumbsup:
  13. jazub

    What would you do?

    In a similar dilemma, my choice would be a Benchmade Bugout, 2 Victorinox Swiss army knives, and Mora. Or you could swap in a really good Cold Steel or Spyderco knife for the Bugout. OR cut out one of the SAKs and Mora and replace with a KaBar fixed blade. OR!.... Good luck in your decision...
  14. jazub

    No more free Deep Carry clips...

    Occassionally there are posters here on Bladeforums who show off their free Benchmade clips mounted to other brands of knife. Some of those self-congratulatory posts have made me wonder the prevalence of such behavior -and when it would affect the rest of us.
  15. jazub

    Alternative to Benchmade?

    Welcome to the forum. I see you signed up today. Been noticing a lot of that in the course of this phony scandal. Follow your heart. In addition to Benchmade: Hinderer, CRK, and a small number of 100% USA-made custom makers are currently producing quality products -however their personal...
  16. jazub

    Alternative to Benchmade?

    If you have concerns about how supportive Benchmade is of your American political party, there are a lot of popular alternatives. Just be careful to look beyond the fact that most of them do substantial business in communist countries which either disallow guns at all or are actively engaged in...
  17. jazub

    EDC XIII Which knife or knives are you carrying today?

    Thanks, man. New scales really stepped this folder up.