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    Do you freehand sharpen your CRK?

    I started over 30 years ago and still prefer honing by hand over guided systems. I have competed against cutters that swear by guided systems, but regardless of the method used, it all comes down to performance. I prefer to use diamond abrasives for CRKs (typically DMT hones), but I have...
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    Custom Engraving on my Sebenza!

    This sums up my thoughts as well. This has been interesting so far to see the progression.
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    Sebenza : Does any one have two tone Ti scales (Textured Ti Inlays etc.) ?

    I have seen some modified CRKs where guys have textured the scales by removing material (and occasionally multi-tone anodization jobs). Of the few I have handled, they did enhance grip (and hot spots), but the reduction in material never suited my larger hands (nor did the hot spots)...
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    What light are you guys carrying along side your CRK?

    I agree. I have heard good things about the Ti-lock clip, but it just looks like it would be a total snag-o-matic to me.
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    What light are you guys carrying along side your CRK?

    It's not a Sebenza clip, but I like it.
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    Sebenza 21 large or 25 mirror polish blade

    Study up on the subject before you attempt it. It can and has been done, but it's one of those things that requires meticulous work, because anything short of exceptional looks pretty bad. I'm trying not to be a jerk as I say this, but I have seen a lot of mirror polished blades over the...
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    The CRK Tanto Hangout!

    Believe me, I know that CRK edges are convex, and I know WHY they are convex...I have just stopped (long ago) attempting to convince guided system users not to convert their CRKs.
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    The CRK Tanto Hangout!

    The front edge is convex. I think it would be a shame to attempt to sharpen it on a guided system like the wicked edge. It is very easy to sharpen it on wet/dry sandpaper on a soft backing (such as a mouse pad) followed by a strop. I suppose a guided system would work well enough on the...
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    The CRK Tanto Hangout!

    I like mine. It's a great blade that does a lot more than many would assume. I have used mine to clean and fillet fish when no other sharp blades were available, and it worked quite well.
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    Sebenza display (now with report and review)

    Perhaps select a pen display case you like with a removable tray, and modify the tray yourself, or make your own tray? Check out a craft store and get some's not that tough.
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    Sebenza display (now with report and review)

    I use something really similar to this to display my staight razors (actually I have 2 like this and one that holds 21). I think they would probably work for Sebenzas also, but they would lay in there at an angle so you would not really see the presentation you might expect...
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    Sebenza display (now with report and review)

    $300 for the William Henry Knife Box. Sources can be found by using Google or other similar search engines and typing "William Henry knife box"
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    Damascus care?

    Cool. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at its ability to hold a good edge as compared to other premium blade steels. It's no wonder steel, but it holds up very well and certainly feels good to use. Mine clips and strips wires, carves and splits wood (just dont split anything that...
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    Damascus care?

    I carry and use a large DT Sebenza and have for almost 2 years. I would hazard to guess I use it as hard or harder than most use S##V Sebenzas. I am not an idiot and do not subscribe to the idea that a pocket knife should be tested on rocks or pounded through heavy limbs, but I can tell you...
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    Did I just buy a fake small 21 with snakewood?

    The knife looks legit to me, but any Large Sebenza 21 that is 13 years old would qualify as "highly suspicious" to me ;)
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    Blade Show Limited edition large Inkosi

    So, shall we expect future runs of limited quantities of mundane materials at exorbitant prices?
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    Customer Service

    It really is amazing to me that so many people here spout off so much about things they apparently know so little about.
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    In the Field

    I think you underestimate what people have done in the woods out of necessity for generations. No one is suggesting that we throw away our honing tools, but it would be a mistake to think that these found sharpeners have not served as primary sharpeners for many who learned the skills necessary...
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    Importance of Hardness of Steel

    While I agree, I believe 'sharpen-ability' (or however you spell-type it) refers to the ease and speed one can sharpen a blade in the field. Yes, I know how to sharpen, and have worked on steels in the 65 Rc range and slightly higher....but these would take a lot more time to sharpen/repair in...
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    Importance of Hardness of Steel

    ^ that summarizes it nicely. Just member harder, bigger, faster, thicker, whatever-er is not always better. Generally speaking people use a fixed blade differently than a folder. The idea of asking a folder to do things someone might ask of a fixed blade is a relatively new concept...and...