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    Busse Pets Thread

    I have yet to find an environment she's not camouflaged in.
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    Busse Pets Thread

    Bailey hiking in sweanee Tn
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    I spent too much on knives this me justify my decision

    One key to a happy marriage, is not sharing a bank account. ..... Unless she's far more wealthy, or you are quiet wealthy
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    Creationish Vs Evolutionism? BE POLITE!

    No theory is concrete, so I tend to just enjoy being here and marvel at nature.
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    Room for improvement?

    Maybe basic memberships could be discounted for like the first 10 people every month :rolleyes: you know, for promotional reasons. Edit... I know there 10 bucks, now I feel obligated because I feel like a cheep scape.
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    Room for improvement?

    I'm a big fan of bf too. I like the friendly nature of the people here. Some one is always willing to help you better your craft, donating there time and knowledge. Its a beautiful thing. People like lorine, Kev cashen, bladsmth and many others that have wealth of knowledge, seem to enjoy...
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    Fee-fi-fo-fum... Giant Jack Giveaway! *WINNER*

    Awesome giveaway! I'm in. Thanks
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    heat treatment - plate quenching - removal temperature

    i suspected for that reason, people just let it cool to room temp. but you have added clarity. thanks for time on this and all you other helpful posts.
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    heat treatment - plate quenching - removal temperature

    when plate quenching, you want as fast quench from austentizing temp. the question is, should i remove the blade from the plate and let the steel cool slower from the martinsite start phase to the finish phase, say from 400f -200f(really, all the way to room temp would be the logical thing to...
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    New to Spyderco but...

    Gotta love spydercos, even there budget knives are top quality.
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    Giveaway: Hinderer Investigator Pen (Brass)

    I'm in, thanks for your generosity.
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    Cooling from Temper

    would there be any benefit in the RA prone steels to water quench at about 400 degrees right out of the plates?
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    Is this an addiction ?

    buying a knife makes you want more for sure. i think drugs would be cheaper.
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    Grain Size and Normalizing WITH UPDATED GRAIN SHOTS

    Cool pictures, thanks for sharing your experiment.
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    primative scalper

    Cant really tell by the picture, is it flat or convex ground, (keep this one away from the dog)
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    810 CPM-M4 problems

    What do mean by a wire edge? A burr? Not sure that I have heard this term used before.
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    Heat Treat

    I don't believe he has shared his secrets, you can however find lots of good info on on it here in the forums. Some of which will make your headhurt:banghead:
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    important knifemaking question

    Consider seeing a doctor... just in case;)
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    GIVEAWAY: What have you given back to BF?

    Only supported the makers on these forms,but i appreciate what you and others are doing, good work!