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    Great lost to the knife making community and one of the last old school knife makers...........RIP
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    Babinga Wakizashi - Price Drop

    What would the blade thickness be & is this stock removal?
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    Modern Seax

    Is this forged?
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    Babinga Wakizashi

    How thick is the blade and is it forged?
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    Two more Reality Checks this weekend!

    What is width of the top knife?
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    Damascus Hunter/Bocote Repost Modified SOLD

    How thick is the blade?
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    SOLD-1095 County line bowie

    Check your email
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    Bellied Camper ((sold))

    is this still available?
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    Its 1996....what's your EDC today?

    Benchmade Brend Combat Talon 2 folder
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    A Prototype Kwaiken From Jason Knight(These ARE Shipping)

    How much are these going for?
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    End of year 20% off sale

    Are the prices on the website already discounted?
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    Cold Steel Push Daggers

    I have a Cold Steel Safemaker 1 with 4-/2" blade and don't regret it. If your purpose is solely for self defense, you cannot go wrong with one.
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    contact Bill Bagwell

    How long is Bill backlogged with orders?
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    Ontario SP2 Air Force Survival Knife

    I'm in the same boat, just purchased an Ontario 499 USAF Knife and after 2 hours using a Lansky sharpener it still isn't very sharp. This must be the hardest knife I've ever had to sharpen. Has anyone else had better luck? Wish a had a knifemaking belt sander to get that razor edge quickly.
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    Bill Bagwell Knives

    JParanee, on post #26 you stated Bill did not seem interested in making a knife for you when you first called, can you go into detail why? Does anyone know his current backlog? Does Bill answer his emails?
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    CONVEX EDGE, why is it so popular?

    Sabre Grind According to Joe Talmadge's article "The Blade Geometry FAQ" at Sabre Grind- The sabre grind is a strong edge format. The bevel starts around the middle of the blade, and proceeds flatly towards the edge...
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    CONVEX EDGE, why is it so popular?

    Daniel, Sabre grind, while I do not have pics to post, is the grind given to Ka-bar knives, Randalls...etc.
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    CONVEX EDGE, why is it so popular?

    Keith, All I'm saying is that of the forged flat grind with convex edge knives that I own, most did not arrive with a servicible edge. These knives were made by ABS M.S and a few J.S. so I would expect the heat treat to not be a factor in the lack of sharpness. It is a big...
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    CONVEX EDGE, why is it so popular?

    I have been a custom knife user for over 20 years. All my customs are forged carbon steel knives, the majority camp knives and bowies. These blades are mainly forged by ABS M.S and J.S., Hendrickson, Graham, etc...with flat grinds and convex edges. I do own a few sabre ground...