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    Metal Complex de-monetized

    It is time for more competition in social media platforms because of stuff like this happening.
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    Your least favorite Cold Steel knife

    I have bought two of the Crawford 1 folders. I like the overall design, but they have two serious design flaws: The first is the blade centering is terrible. The pivot screw adjustment range is extremely limited. The second is the handle grip insert is not durable and has melted. I will see if...
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    Love my new range boss (black)

    I'll be getting one of these soon in the brown FRN handle.
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    If Cold Steel is your thing...Check this out!

    I hope that these make it to dealers soon.
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    This knife was a huge surprise.

    Great thread. I recently bought both versions of the Air Lite. I find the handle ergonomics to be superior to the Code 4.
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    Question about the release dates for 2021

    I have to agree. It is wait-and-see what the future holds. I am only interested in a few of the 2021 new products. To be sure: I have never stuck with only one company for all kinds of tools and gear.
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    Opinions on Bestech D2 knives?

    I have purchased at least a dozen Bestech knives over the past few years. Most of them are D2. They are some of the highest quality knives available as far as I am concerned.
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    What floats your boat in 2021

    I will be picking up a drop point Voyager 4-inch and a brown or olive drab Range Boss.
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    Para 3 LW SPY27?

    I went through this too. I ended up getting the CPM SPY27 versions of the Native 5 and Manix 2 Lightweight instead.
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    Looks like Lynn Thompson started a new knife company "never unarmed'

    Yes, I figured that something like this would happen.
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    Spyderco Quality Control Declining?

    I went for a couple of years having bought any Spyderco knives. The last couple of months of 2020 I bought a few. The pivot screw fell out of the Rockjumper. The rest of them were great. All of them are FRN.
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    Cold Steel XL Talwar is reborn . There's new hope for Cold Steel !

    I am glad to see this, even though I already have a few of the previous versions.
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    Who has a Shaman?

    Great thread! I have considered one of these for quite a while. I think I will pass and consider another Spyderco instead.
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    Cold Steel 2021 New Knives

    Well, there isn't going to be a 2021 SHOT Show. So I expect social media will play a large part in getting the word out on new cutlery products for 2021.
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    Twosun carry knife

    I have picked up four of them so far. Very nice designs. One of them is a modified Wharncliffe that needs the pocket clip redesigned. Two of the others have rather thick-feeling handles that I haven't gotten used to yet. The last one is a clip point with blue G10 with carbon fiber overlay...
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    First knife of 2021?

    The first three knives for 2021 for me will be: Spyderco Native 5 in SPY 27 blade steel. ( I wanted the Manix 2 SPY 27, but none of my favorite dealers had them.) Steel Will Sedge in gray G10 handle scales and black-coated 4-inch D2 blade steel. Steel Will Barghest in black G10 handle scales...
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    KUBEY good quality for $ ?

    I have bought several Kubey knives and their quality is excellent.
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    Good experience with TheKnifeCenter

    I recently ordered three Spyderco folders from them the weekend before Christmas. They got here the day before Christmas. I have been using them for around 20 years or so. I plan on buying from them again in the future.
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    I have bought the regular black FRN, serrated version and have been putting it to work recently. It has become one of my favorite knives. I really like the Endura 4 and have several versions of them. I think that it was a good idea to add the Endela to their line. I have the K390 Endela on...
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    CS/GSMO is asking for your input on your favorite discontined CS knife

    It is going to take some time for them to consolidate the previous set-up that Cold Steel had as an independent company. They probably have a deadline for just before the end of the year to get things settled in California and moved completely over to their new Texas location.