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    WTS: Essee-4 knife w/sheath $80.00 shipped

    Essee-4 plain edge blade, carbon steel durable metal. Never used. Green Micarta handle, black coated blade. Comes with Kydex sheath and belt clip attachment. No box. PP or Venmo. Going for $130.00 online.
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    How To Starlinger "Grenade Head" sterling silver bead

    No longer made and collectable. First run of these over 15 years ago and will not be re-produced. Google "Starlinger beads" and you will see what their beads go for not counting one like this no longer made. No trades. PP or Venmo. $200.00 shipped. Cannot upload lics but I can email them...
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    Pro-Tech TR-2 Swat Skull $200.00

    Thanks I adjusted description.
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    Pro-Tech TR-2 Swat Skull $200.00

    No box but has new nylon case with belt loops.. Brand new otherwise. Skull is sterling silver in black handles. Asking $200.00 shipped No tire kickers. PP or Venmo. No trades.
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    Breitling Hurricane 45; just serviced and under warranty

    My dream watch but out of my price league.
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    Balisong WTS: Micro UTX-70 S/E Urban Camo

    Microtech no longer makes the urban camo anymore for OTF knives and will not anymore when I talked to them. This is one BNIB one, only launched to check it out Has the D/E black blade. The urban camo is the finest color imo This is the only site I am unable to upload a pic onto I have message...
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    WTS: ZT 0801 flipper

    As title states with Damascus beaded cord. $150.00 shipped. PP or Venmo. No trades. Will not let me load pis. Bronze and blue handles. PM for pics via cell
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    A lot of Pro-Techs!

    PM sent on the SA3
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    message sent
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    Length of blade?
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    Six Watches for Sale

    Used to have a Arnie, which I had seen this to buy for sentimental reasons.
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    This a flipper?
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    SIG p365 SAS + vedder holster

    Something definitely wrong with the bullseye. I love mine. Fast acquisition. My carry pew pew.
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    Pro-Tech TR-2 Shaw Skull Swat

    Send me email address and I will send them As it states in description my phone won't upload them.
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    Pro-Tech TR-2 Shaw Skull Swat

    As title states. #387 of only 500 made. The skull is sterling silver. Never carried, or used just has sat with my collection. No box but has black nylon case it came with. Blade is scalpel sharp, launches like a rocket. I found one on line for $300.00, everywhere else out of stock. Blade and...