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  1. 54shooter

    ZT 452CF Price Drp

    I'll take it if it's still available
  2. 54shooter

    Spyderco, Benchmade, Southern Grind (PRICES LOWERED)

    All prices PayPal G&S with shipping included. Three up for sale, first "I'll take it" followed by a PM gets it. 1) Benchmade Valet M390 blade steel, contured and textured G-10 scales. Spot on blade centering. New unused condition, never carried or cut anything. Bought it, flipped it a few times...
  3. 54shooter

    All sold

    I'll take the proper if available
  4. 54shooter

    Spyderco, ZT, Benchmade (PRICES LOWERED)

    I have a few to sell. PayPal G&S and shipping included. I might be interested in trades, looking for a Benchmade Hidden Canyon Hunter with a leather sheath. I have a G-10 model with a kydex sheath but like leather better. I'd even trade sheaths if someone wanted to do that. Open to other trades...
  5. 54shooter

    Saturday SALE

    She's all yours, Thank you.
  6. 54shooter

    Saturday SALE

    I thought you weren't supposed to leave anything out of your asking price, like it's a rule. If you have questions send a PM please
  7. 54shooter

    Review Benchmade Big Summit Lake TRADED

    S30V Steel, Stabilized mahogany scales. Centering slightly favors show side. Doesn't rub or affect the action. Never cut or carried. It has been Rockwell tested, notice the three dimples on the clip side flat. Unfortunately I didn't get the numbers on it. The guy I bought it from didn't have...