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    Kershaw Packrat

    I really like the way it fits in the hand. It is very easy to hold. I am sure when I scoured the net I saw something about a fixed blade introduced at the Blade Show, but I couldn't find it again. Always something to look forward too.
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    Amazing Kershaw, Speedform content

    I don't believe many have noticed that either. Pretty smart of those guys in Oregon. I am glad I was able to get one. It is a fantastic knife.
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    confused about kershaw

    I just saw your knife for sale in the exchange and noticed that it is used and has had holes drilled into the handle. If you paid more than you're selling it for I believe you paid too much as I was able to get 2 of them for less than that when they were released. Good luck with your sale...
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    Any word on the Kershaw Tilt debut?

    That is a very nice looking knife. I am looking forward to getting one.
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    M390 VS ZDP-189 Rope Cutting - Informal testing

    Mr. Ankerson, do you feel the slight recurve of the 710 aided in it's cutting ability? Do you think the M390 and ZDP189 would be closer if the blades were the same shape? Thank you for your continued testing of knives.
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    Pivots - Does bigger mean better?

    However, a larger pivot means a larger hole in the blade.
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    Best Online Source

    Let us not forget that price is not everything. Service before, during and after the sale weighs heavy when I buy something.
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    Kershaw: How can you tell which models are made in USA?

    All of my Kershaw products are CLEARLY marked with country of origin. I have a few other brands that don't have any marking at all. I have been more than satisfied with all of my Kershaw purchases.
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    Work Sharp Knife Sharpener

    This device looks kind of crazy. I have used all kinds of sharpening systems and items including stones, the Sharpmaker, Charlie's wheels (I prefer this method) but not anything that remotely looks like this thing. I am not certain that I am reading this correctly. The base model #2000 is...
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    Any experience with the CRKT Ripple?

    As the poster above mentioned I too like the design of this CRKT knife. I thought it would be very ergonomic and comfortable to the hand but with the aforementioned sharp corners and edges it is not. I was expecting more for my $80.
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    JW Winchester Display

    That is a beautiful display befitting of it's contents.
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    Anyone care to define "abuse"

    I believe folders should be used for cutting/slicing. Skinning/hunting knives are used for skinning. Machetes and large fixed blades are used for chopping/clearing. If you use a knife for a purpose it is not intended then that is abuse. Prying, hammering through wood etc..
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    Knife Photos, Someone Please Post a How To Take Good Pics of Your Blades

    I sure have learned a lot about photography today. Thank you gentlemen/ladies.
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    Shun Ken Onion kitchen knives

    I have a few of the Classic and Elite series from Shun. The Ken Onion version models I had I gave away because they were very off balance and much more difficult use than the standard models. I love the Classics but the Elite line is tops compared.
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    "Paypal add 3%"

    Are you calling Mr. Seaver a scam artist / thief for adding a 2% handling fee? That is a pretty hateful statement for someone that hasn't purchased from him or knows complete details of one of his transactions. A scam is an attempt to defraud someone. His fee is stated. The word is " don't...
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    Assisted Openers? Dislike? Why?

    The users above you see a need for it and also mention it's not for everyone. (not picking on you sir, but what you posted was mentioned a few times in this thread) I own a few Kershaw models that I like very much, I also like my Spyderco Police and Buck 110's. They are all completely...
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    ZT's, why the wide blade?

    Tacticool? I don't get it. So, is my wide-bladed Spyderco Captain or Sage or RAT #3 tacticool also? My ZT knives are very useful and I like the wide blade on them. Work great for me. Everlasting Gobstobber, that's good. I guess it would take a long time to sharpen that much steel away.
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    Forums and Success

    I believe he is talking about Kai, USA, parent company of Kershaw Knives in Oregon. I am too new here to comment on what has happened on this forum but even the post quoted by Thomas W has me wondering. I am not sure what he/she means by that.
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    Black Kershaw Groove or Black Pacific Salt

    Trvlngnrs, I realize you have already ordered a Spyderco Salt from the suggestions above. It is a good blade. You probably won't be disappointed with it. But don't let the Kershaw Groove pass you by. There were some mistakes made above about this knife. The coating on the black model is super...
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    Having fun so far. There are so many things to discuss with so many threads. I'm just kind of picking and choosing at the moment. The threads in the Wine & Cheese area are a little crazy. I went in there thinking something else. Was not what I expected. :) Thanks for the new welcomes.