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    The Eagle has landed!!

    G’day Jody, I can’t wait to try it out on something with a bit of size about it.. a cow or a big Roo..:cool: btw, what do you have on order?? Ian.
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    Is it safe to leave the Basic in the trunk of my car?

    The only problem I see with it in the trunk is that it’s not real handy if you need it. I always keep a good big knife in a sheath between the drivers seat and the gearbox hump in my truck. (handle up) it squeezes in there nicely.. Usually a Ratweiler or an NO-e. :cool: Ian.
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    After last night's checker game...

    John, That's one sweet set you have there.. :cool::cool: Ian.
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    The Eagle has landed!!

    G’day Rob, It’s one of the proto’s that Jerry offered in the extravaganza sale and wasn’t released, he added that it has been around for a couple of years, but never went into production, but still may in the future.. Shame Jerry ;) I’ve never held a sweeter little skinner in my hand...
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    Shaggi's in da hiz-ouse

    WOW. I’ve got to shut down; we’ve got a huge electrical storm just about on us here. And lightening just blew a tree out of the ground outside my office window. :eek: :eek: Ian.
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    Shaggi's in da hiz-ouse

    After a day of 109 degrees, everything hurts.. :eek: :D Ian.
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    Shaggi's in da hiz-ouse

    I’m just about ready for a drink.. I’ve been scoffing it for the last couple of hours. ;):D Ian.
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    Shaggi's in da hiz-ouse

    G’day Jerry. 43 Celsius here today…prime XXXX weather. Ian. :D:D
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    The Eagle has landed!!

    I don’t think that bird will be able to pick up my HOFSH like that when it arrives.. Ian. ;):D
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    The Eagle has landed!!

    OK, Here’s a birds eye view.. :confused: :confused: Or should that be a Hog’s eye view.. ;):D Ian.
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    Knife porn: Semper Paratus & TM NO

    Rok, That’s a great looking knife and sheath combo..:cool: A great looking picture too. Ian.
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    Value of a Lost Badger?

    From memory I paid $250.00 for mine in 2002. Not with the sheath pictured, it had the original nylon sheath with a kydex insert.. Ian.
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    The Eagle has landed!!

    A small box turned up from the mail contractor this morning and getting all excited I feverishly tore the wrapping off to find the sweetest little drop point hunter I could ever wish for. :cool: Thanks Jerry and crew. I’d just put it down to get my camera when a bloody Eagle swooped down and...
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    Here are the pics of my collection!!!

    Congratulations Shane..:cool::cool: There some beautiful knives. The pictures aren’t half bad either. ;):D Ian.
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    Idaho CAT!

    Gregg, Those pictures are absolutely spectacular, shots like that are priceless.. Those Mule shots are mind blowing. I’ve bred, rode and broken in horses all of my life and never seen the likes of that. I did see a Jack Donkey and a Brumby Stallion fight to a near finish on the edge of a...
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    Fat Euro

    Archaeo1, I too have been waiting with baited breath for a knife from the December's Extravaganza sale?? Ian.
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    Australia whrillwind tour

    Yes you are correct, there are two varieties, Fresh water and salt water crocodiles, the freshy’s are predominately fish eaters and grow to about eight feet, but can give you a shocking bite. The Salties are the big fellas and can be found in the river systems a long way from salt water...
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    HOFSH on Order - Woohoo!!!!!

    Mine is in the barrel there somewhere as well.. :D Anyone heard any updates on how they are going with them?? Ian.
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    Australia whrillwind tour

    They’ve not all got sharp teeth.. :rolleyes: I’ve been wondering what happened to the rest of that shoe, and the fella that used to be in it. :p :D Ian.
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    What sheath material would you choose?

    That was the best money could buy around here in the 60's.. No Busses in those days. :D Ian. This ones my Sunday best. Going to town sheath.. :D:D