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    Someone trying to scam HI?

    Just saw that comment. Seems more like trolling to me but ya can never be to careful. Great spotting, GB.
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    I think I got ripped off (CNCGunner aka Johnny2Glock) -reopened-

    He changed his avatar to Clint Eastwood so he could fit into The good, the bad, and the ugly *badunts cling*. Hope all goes well
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    Workers and Fighers (pics)

    Nice collection. I think of the Gelbu as a fighter/worker hybrid.
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    Additional smoke an prayers needed

    Sounds like kidney failure. Best wishes man and hope he makes it through. My pet (bearded dragon) was deathly sick about over a month ago. Waited a week to take him to the vet due to appointment and the vet said he had severe neuro damage and he wouldn't make it and that I should put him down...
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    A Little Smoke

    Positive thoughts and well wishes for Shavru
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    Dui Chirra by Thamar arrived (pics)

    Mighty fine blade there, GB. Love that frog flipper cho.
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    I should of listen to Karda

    Pure bred, properly trained pits are the friendliest dogs. The pits in my neighborhood are the bane of my existence and the main factor why I bought my fist HI. Been chased about 7 times, my mother nearly attacked(able to run into fenced patio),and just 2 days ago I had to dig graves for a...
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    Kukri, boy or girl?

    I heard somewhere that if the blade cuts you within 24hrs it's a female .
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    Possible lost package?

    Just checked the mail and it was there!
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    Khuk-o-Lattern Challenge

    Hmm 20inch gelbu special vs pumpkin...
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    Possible lost package?

    If they're there how about slapping some checkering on em for us haha. Yea I'm feeling they'll get here soon. Wouldn't be suprised if it's today. My mother is quite excited to get a Hasiya. She had a chinese sickle before and this one is definitely a 1000 times better and will last a long time.
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    Possible lost package?

    Dang man that sucks but at the same time is reassuring. It's probly east coast mail that's to blame. Bad weather maybe? I know recently there's been "terrible" (I like t-storms and torrential downpours) weather here in Florida, maybe it's the same up the coast? Edit: definitely will tell ya...
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    Possible lost package?

    Yep. I asked for the tracking number 2 days ago but have yet to get a response. I know auntie is a busy woman and I can definitely wait, but I'm somewhat worried it might have gotten lost.
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    Possible lost package?

    I ordered a baby hasiya on saturday and it still hasn't arrived. My khuks always get here fast, does anyone know if the mail has been slow lately? Maybe the hasiya was so small it got lost in transit? Sorry if the is a double post, phones lagging.
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    Micro Bawanna Bowie Folder concept.

    I'd buy one for sure. I'd order mine with a stubbier blade tho.
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    New Ang Khola, 18 inch. What do the characters mean? (PICS)

    The sun mark might be lachhu. My lachhu has 8 sun rays tho but I think i've seen other works by him with marks like yours.
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    Reti Knife and Gelbu Special for 10/1

    My first khuk was a gelbu by lachhu. Super strong blade, it's been used soooo much that it's like an extension of me now and is always with me (when possible).
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    Tuesday Evening with Keshar Lal Bash Cutter

    This must be the heavy duty variant of the bamboo cutter. I remember there being a different one with a slim blade and an umbrella handle type grip.
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    I should of listen to Karda

    I know the guy you speak of. I've seen him on several other blade sites, even a martial arts site insulting everyone. All of his posts are insults and he suffers from delusions of grandeur caused by his supposed knowledge. I'd wager he has narcissistic personality disorder.
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    Happy Dashain

    Happy Dashain to all of you as well!