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    Thank goodness!

    So, who else tried different browsers and still wouldn't give up?
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    Another Finals Week Is Upon Me

    I get those too, but for highschool and Jr high. Forget schedule for first day and office can't find a copy, going through classrooms trying to find the right one (they have two doors instead of one). Also have ones where I can't find my locker or forgot the combo.
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    Early Black Friday Fortis Keymod upgrade

    There's a guy close to here who does HK, AK, FAL type builds and work. Like don't tempt me any more. Considering a mp5k-n clone build though. For the money a 9mm AR would cost, it would be better to put it toward a clone/parts.
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    Mandala sand painting at local college. Lot of pics.

    Got a little bit of the sand they put in bags to take. I think it took them three hours to do the guild lines. They had a table set up for people to work on a smaller and simpler design. Didn't look bad considering kids were doing the majority of the from what I saw.
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    Mandala sand painting at local college. Lot of pics.

    Missed the first two days, but made it for the last two, and closing ceremony. Pictures still need some cropping and such, so they will be a bit "rough" looking. Anyways here are a few out of probably 150. I would have taken more close up by the rope, but I already felt bad for waiting for...
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    What is "villager fit and finish"?

    Not the best picture, but already had it. (From top: Vim Ang Khola, Kumar WW2, KLVUK)
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    The Kamis Need Your STUFF! New Donation Drive!

    I have a bag of winter and summer clothing I went through this spring I'll go through and pick out the nicer items. They are just setting in a closet until someone has a yard sale.
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    New to for GB

    If its priced like their HK trigger you could buy like 1/4th of a Tavor. (Not that I have room to talk since I have the SD-E trigger)
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    My new rose

    Smaller and micro versions were (very) briefly talked about here. (starts a bit past halfway) Bawanna mentioned a micro rose, while I was thinking more of a k-bar length rose.
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    Purna and Lachhu First and Second Prize Khukuri

    Maybe his wife "borrowed" it, which is why we have no pictures.
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    Nepalese earthquake relief fundraiser. Every little bit helps.

    Marine helicopter is missing near Charikot according to the news. As many as eight on board. (CNN webpage) While CNN tv news reported six Marines and two from Nepal on it.
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    KLVUK and Good Cause Sales for 5/11

    Must on here use paypal I think, but you could also do money order, check, or probably even call in cc number. As I was told "whatever works best" since I don't have paypal.
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    Purna and Lachhu First and Second Prize Khukuri

    Even the Karda has a cap.:eek:
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    Weekend Deals for 5/9 -- Pix, Purna Hanshee, Foxy Folly and Great Buys

    Samsher, Hanshee, AK Bowie, Folly, Seax. Slow deep breaths now.
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    Deals for 5/6 -- Pix, Keshar Lal Spring Knife, M-43 and Awesome Buys

    Do the Hasiyas no longer come with sheaths? Or have the last few had them lost, or did they just didn't make any for them?
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    Anyone got experience with smokepoles?

    These may be just a bit more than you want to spend. Thompson center renegade, I have the .50cal one with double set trigger. Not sure how long the guy had it before me.
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    Anyone got experience with smokepoles?

    You want one for hunting, range, or reproduction?
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    Sanding villager scale

    That looks like the one. Thanks.
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    Sanding villager scale

    Seems there was a thread which told what grits of sandpaper to use, along with the polishing cloths to use. Think there was an after picture looking along the blade being held out showing the hammer marks. Anyone happen to remember it? The ones I've found were using white vinegar to remove...
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    Nepalese earthquake relief fundraiser. Every little bit helps.

    I had thought something like donate (rounded) shipping cost on orders we place in the coming weeks.