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  1. TheGame

    Little review of the JK Combat/Utility 6.

    Great review! Testing in the cold is my favorite type of my testing.
  2. TheGame

    As your taste in knives changed ?

    My interests are always the same, but what I buy varies quite a bit to try new items.
  3. TheGame

    Just Pulled The Trigger On An ESEE Zancudo

    I really want one of these, but I don't think it would knock my current EDC out, and I don't want to buy a knife that I wouldn't use. Maybe I'll get one for a beater, or to throw in a tackle box. Let us know how you like it when you get it.
  4. TheGame

    Opinels so hot?

    The Opinel #8 is probably my favorite folding knife for $10 or less. It does everything I would need a knife to do. Great size overall.
  5. TheGame

    Pocket time winner for 2013

    Alongside the Vic Farmer the ZT0560 has been in my pocket for 18 straight months now.
  6. TheGame

    If you had a Benjamin to last a lifetime what would you buy?

    Condor Bolo and a Victorinox Farmer. That would have me covered pretty well.
  7. TheGame

    Looking for a hunters knife

    The first knife I got for hunting specifically was a Buck Vanguard. It has worked great for me. However, it may be a little large for smaller animals, which I use the Izula for.
  8. TheGame

    What is your motivation to learn Wilderness\Surv. skills ?

    No motivation, really. It's how I was brought up as a child. :)
  9. TheGame

    Ice walkers (17F) - Island Pond Lake, Appalachian Trail

    Looks like you guys had a good time out there. Thanks for sharing!
  10. TheGame

    A gift for my son

    That looks really good. I think he'll love it. I don't know anyone who wouldn't.
  11. TheGame

    Pic thread- knives that were ridden hard and put away wet!

    I usually only take pics right when I get it, so when I show a pic it's old.
  12. TheGame

    Could you go one year with just one folding knife?

    Sure. I went all of the last year and a half with a ZT0560 and a Vic Farmer...
  13. TheGame

    How many knives do you EDC?

    Three. ZT0560, Izula and a farmer.
  14. TheGame

    The Knives of Carigara, Philippines

    Thanks for the vid! Will watch it later when I have some time. How was the damage where you were over there?
  15. TheGame

    They are goofy sometimes-designers/makers

    He didn't invent it, as someone already said. But from what I have seen, his version is even better than an already great existing tool.
  16. TheGame

    Gerber quality going down?

    I refuse to buy anything from Gerber because I have seen nothing but disasters come from their knives, personally. I'm sure there may be a good one or two out there, but I wouldn't trust them.
  17. TheGame

    Ferro rod affecting heat treatment?

    No, it won't. Also, don't use the edge of the knife. Square a spot on the spine off, if you already don't have a squared spine.
  18. TheGame

    Your Biggest Folder.

    I guess the biggest folder I own would be the ZT0561, at least as far as carry knives.
  19. TheGame

    Gerber lmf 2 or cold steel srk

    Test them out and see what works best for you. Each person has different preferences in knives, and one person may love the Gerber and another the SRK.
  20. TheGame

    Survival "Guru/Expert" Knife Shootout fting. Tracker, Surv Tac & Hellion

    To be honest, I love the way the knives look. (they look cool) However, none of them would really be for me. They have too much going on for me. I like simple knives to use.