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    New Becker knife model

    I have the Camillus BK11 and it's my favorite, right behind my BK9! A new run of BK11 with another half inch of blade and that hard angled finger guard opened up a bit would be perfect. I may mod a new 11 someday, but I can't bring myself to carve up my Camillus.
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    Challenge: Worst hatchet ever- if you know axe worse than this, show me

    I don't believe the head is welded on. It's just really lousy cast or mold forging with no effort to clean up the flashing. All I can think is maybe it was training day rejects that someone decided to try selling, rather than reworking them or recycling the scrap.
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    Makin' holes.

    I bought a small cutting board at a yard sale, then mounted it to my drill table with countersunk screws in the board and wing nuts under the table so it can be adjusted or cleaned easily. I then drilled a small hole in the center, lightly counter sunk the hole and use a piece of cereal box...
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    Glock problems.

    Clean the goop out and oil it up as per your instruction manual. Try running some hotter rounds through it to see if the problems continue. Sometimes the 9mm Glocks need a little kick in the pants at first, especially the 34 and the 17L. Those long slides take some breaking in. Also, try...
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    First Knife Project - Helle Harding Handle

    That is a "scandi" grind and they can be exceptionally sharp. They're great for woodwork, do just fine at general tasks and will perform far better than most people will expect.
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    Stupid question, Rebar?

    Once you've pounded the re-bar for practice, it could be reforged later for fitting up as guards, bolsters or small tools.
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    How fine is the line between a saber and scandi grind?

    A full flat grind will taper from the spine to the edge in an uninterrupted flat with a secondary grind to produce the final cutting edge. A saber grind will begin it's flat taper approximately 1/3 to 1/2 of the blade height down to the edge and have a secondary grind to produce the final...
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    Chunky Bowie.

    There are tasks where a short blade just works best, but gorilla mitts like mine just can't get small handles to work as well as something that fills the hand better. Maybe it won't look as well to some, but when it flat out works, pretty lines and mathematical proportions have to step aside a...
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    **Winner MAKnifenut** Give Away, Handmade Holster, Belt or Sheath, Winners Choice

    Beautiful work! I'm IN! It's difficult to decide between a belt or holster!
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    Ontario Old Hickory knife

    I have the 14" butcher and it gets used as a machete! It's chopped up to 4" branches without a single bit of damage and very little loss of edge sharpness. A wipe down and a minute on a strop and you wouldn't know it had been out of the sheath.
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    My first true convex knives!!!

    Beautiful! Just absolutely beautiful! Those have to be cutting wonders! I love convex blades and those look to be some very nice grinds. I'd just about trade you a neighbor kid for a 4 1/2" Bushcrafter in 1095.
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    Cold Steel products YOU want to see?

    I would love to see the stupid finger grooves removed from the Voyagers. Please (PLEASE!) keep the new flat ground blade, reversible low-ride pocket clip, even the overly aggressive texturing, but get rid of the finger grooves. All they've accomplished with those is to guarantee I'll never have...
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    Quick look: Cold Steel Voyager XL

    Finger grooves only work if your hands allow for the spacing and you don't have fingers that are too small or entirely too large for them to be comfortable. By not having finger grooves, anyone's hands can adapt to smooth curves or even relatively straight lines. I have yet to find a...
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    Quick look: Cold Steel Voyager XL

    That stonewash is a nice improvement, especially for a hard use knife. C/S's tanto points don't work for my uses, though. They're too abrupt. I'm wondering if C/S would actually bother to listen to their customers and make the Voyagers right.
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    Quick look: Cold Steel Voyager XL

    I've got two of the older models of the XL Voyager. One is so old it has the plastic, molded-on pocket clip. I've absolutely loved them, despite the hollow grinds. I long wished they'd make this model with a flat ground blade, and finally, they did. The problem being, as far as I'm...
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    Benjamin at Baryonyx is awesome to deal with! I've never been dissatisfied with any of my dealings with him and his hand made soaps are great, as well!
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    FREE DELiCA 4!!!

    I'm IN!!! Many thanks for the chance!
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    "Pick your own prize" for Tax Time Give-a-way

    Wow! Amazingly generous of you! Thank you so much for the opportunity!
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    The Giveaway For No Special Reason Giveaway **WE HAVE A WINNER**

    Huge thanks again to Boobar!!! He shipped my new Speed Bump Monday morning and it arrived here in Wednesday's mail! It's fantastic! Even my wife likes it. Even edge grinds, sharp as every Kershaw I've ever owned with nice, smooth action. Blade is near perfectly centered. I can hardly...
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    The Giveaway For No Special Reason Giveaway **WE HAVE A WINNER**

    Abso-FREAKIN'-lutely AWESOME!!!!! Thank you so much for your generosity, Boobar! I'm completely stunned that my number came up for such an awesome knife!!! I'd completely forgotten that I'd even entered and never expected to win my first Speed Bump! It's going to be fun comparing it to my...