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  1. Hawaiian

    “Ivory” Bowie

    I really like that one! Purty!
  2. Hawaiian

    Life comes at you fast

    We often don't know it's coming when our time is up. Give your wife and kids a hug and tell them you love them.
  3. Hawaiian

    Blade Show West back in Portland

    Nov 1 - 3. Hope to see some of you there.
  4. Hawaiian

    ALL SOLD! Dalton collection, the 'wicked' ones!

  5. Hawaiian

    Test photo upload

    Trying to post photo from Flicker. Let's see if this works. Add 2nd photo
  6. Hawaiian

    China & Tariffs

    Sorry, you are correct on knives labeled Benchmade. I was looking at my HK knives made for HK by Benchmade. The one that shipped with my HKP30 was made in China.
  7. Hawaiian

    Thanksgiving shop work

    Man, those make you want to grab one and just go cut/chop something.
  8. Hawaiian

    China & Tariffs

    If you are here posting as a member of BF, you are much more discerning about your knives than the average Joe who is looking at a knife in the display case at a local sporting goods store who does not want to spend much, he just wants something that will cut. Spyderco, Benchmade, Gerber...
  9. Hawaiian

    China & Tariffs

    The tariffs are part of the negotiation strategy to balance trade more fairly. It already worked out to some extent with Mexico and Canada. It will also work out with China.
  10. Hawaiian

    A bunch of pattern welded kitchen knives, that I made this year.

    Wow is an understatement. Those are stunning!
  11. Hawaiian

    New Bowie WIP

    Wow, it turned out great Bill. I also like the fact that it it lightened up a bit. Easier for old farts like me to control.
  12. Hawaiian

    Loveless style Little Bear

    Very very nice. Someone scored!
  13. Hawaiian

    Colorado ﹰLaws- can I open carry a 5'5" spear?

    In Oregon you can open carry anything. But that does not mean it is a wise thing to do. Unless you are going to the mall, then hey, go for it!
  14. Hawaiian

    Steelcraft mini Glimpses have arrived!!!

    I have had mine for a few months now. I really like it. I have small hands and it sits perfect in my grip. I can see where someone with large hands might have a problem. But that applies to all small knives.
  15. Hawaiian

    Made some more shop dust today!

    Another fan of the bowie here. Nice.
  16. Hawaiian

    Steelcraft mini Glimpses have arrived!!!

    I have been wanting one of these for a long time. Glad to see the new run. Order for a blue one placed. Wife even approved it and it will be my father's day present. Is it June yet????
  17. Hawaiian


    It took me a long time to bring my wife around to not putting quality production and even custom knives in the dishwasher. I have had to refinish wood handles on a few of them. Gun stock oil works great.
  18. Hawaiian

    Coffin handle Bowie

    Very nice. With the piece of stone from his father and the cross, this knife must have a very special meaning for the owner. You did a great design and I am sure he will treasure this knife forever.
  19. Hawaiian

    This time a Kukri!

    Nice score. Looks like a great knife.