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    Two new Sebenza additions to the family

    Beautiful knives. Out of the 21 and 31 which one feels better in the hand?
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    Mnandi: My latest Obsession

    Here is a picture of my Mnandis. It is a beautiful knife and it opens easy however I don't like the way the nail nick looks on it. The ss blade is a generation 1 that is my edc. The other damascus blades are generation 2. I am able to open them with same ease...
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    Mnandi: My latest Obsession

    I just received a 3rd generation Damascus. I ordered it thinking it was a 2nd generation Damascus. I am going to decided how I like it compared to my Gen 2s and 1.
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    Bought My Wife a Knife

    I gave my wife a small purple spyderco years ago. I am pretty sure it is one of her purses. I would swap out the box. Another option would be give her jewelry in the box or perfume that is hard to open. When she ask for your knife to open it give her hers to open it.
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    Clip less carry in the office - pocket sheaths?

    I love the pocket in pocket method. I wear suits and all of the pants have a small pocket in the front right pocket. It is perfect for me to clip my mnandi in. If I ever bought a suit with pants without the pocket I would have one put in.
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    Mnandi: My latest Obsession

    Damn obsessions, I picked up 3 this year. My edc is a first generation I think it's ebony, I bought it here many years ago. Preferring the look of the old nail nick but hesitant about the ease of one handed opening I looked into damascus. Going for something different I picked up a box elder...
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    What new knife are you waiting for?

    Carbon fiber laddered damascus. My 3rd damascus mnandi of the year.
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    Carbon Fiber Durability

    Great point about the generation. I seen a few retailers that offer both. I did verify with them, Devin Thomas.
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    Carbon Fiber Durability

    Juts wanted to give you an update. I was really impressed with the carbon fiber and damascus I just ordered another one. This time I went with laddered the first was basket. I would have went with raindrop but I already have that in a box elder. Also I am not a fan of the boomerang or the...
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    What new knife are you waiting for?

    Starbenza with Damascus would be tempting.
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    My first Knife

    Looks great. Make sure to post the second.
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    Small Folders

    Beautiful knife, my edc is a Mnandi. Granted I work in an office but never needed something bigger even on weekends. I have a two sebenzas and an Inkosi but prefer the "very nice" knife.
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    Single lug starbenza

    Does anyone know when the starbenza started to come with dual lugs? Thank You
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    Kitchen Knives and cutting boards....

    After buying a new knife set last year my cutting board preference has evolved a bit. On the cheap knife that I used I would use an old bamboo board that was given to us. I like the fact that it was light and seemed better than the plastic one my wife used. However I read that they aren't the...
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    Identifying a fake Wusthof pairing knife

    The font looks very crisp and straight. I am pretty sure it's real. Go cook something lol
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    Carbon Fiber Durability

    Well I did it. I left my old mnandi at home and took the new one out. I must admit the carbon fiber and damascus is an interesting combination. Thankfully I am able to open it as easy as my first generation. I guess it's a combination of muscle memory and the damascus adequate grip.
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    Carbon Fiber Durability

    Thank you for the input. I realize I need to change my question. How does the carbon fiber age? I know it's durable, about 20 years ago I had a bike made out of carbon fiber.
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    Carbon Fiber Durability

    I am wondering what is everyone's experience with carbon fiber. I am thinking of a mnandi in carbon fiber for edc. I would love to hear from sebenza users also. I plan to clip in my pocket no using the sheath. Pics would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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    My CRK Collection

    Beautiful collection, I love the variety of Damascus. No love for the Mnandi?
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    Does CRK offer blade replacement?

    Typically I spend money after I come here, this is a rarity. I had planned to order a 2nd blade soon. I guess I will not have to decide which pattern would look best on my starbenza.