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  1. cricketdave

    THE Hollow Handle Knife Thread

    I remember sending the cord lol that has been a while
  2. cricketdave

    THE Hollow Handle Knife Thread

    im still here just havnt been very active lately
  3. cricketdave

    Microtech Stich User

    Hi, got a user Stich for sale today. Od with bronze hardware and black apocalyptic finish part sereated blade. I've carried and used it. Its got a couple of dings on the butt of the scales. The blade is centered and fires hard. I've lost the box so no box included. it will make a great user...
  4. cricketdave

    Boker Smatchet 2.1

    Hi need to pay some bills so I'm selling my Smatchet, its been sitting in my safe a couple of years, seems like I cut a vine with it when I got it. Other than that its just been stored, box included. 250.00 paypal all fees and shipping included. All the details from Boker Designer: Rex...
  5. cricketdave

    FM V8 green canvas black blue

    Hi its that time of the year, gotta pay off some stuff so, FM v8 green canvas with black blade and a leather sheath. Its been sharpened but not used to cut more than string. 425.00 PayPal all fees and shipping included. SPF if you have any questions ask away thanks cricketdave
  6. cricketdave

    Recon 1 - Push me over the edge...

    that's a good looking knife I will keep an eye out for the clip point version
  7. cricketdave

    AR pistol parts and furniture

    its yours, sending PayPal info, thanks
  8. cricketdave

    AR pistol parts and furniture

    Hi, I've got a few extra parts laying around and its time to let them go to new homes. First is a KAK shockwave pistol brace and buffer tube along with a A2 grip and carbine fore end in FDE or Tan, or the same set in OD green. Either set 40.00 PayPal including shipping. Next a Black A2...
  9. cricketdave

    We lost one of our own today......

    We have been loosing too many lately I'll miss Esav he was a gentleman
  10. cricketdave

    AD-10 and AD-15 Shipping

    I got a AD15 at smokey mountain knife works, epic cross country trip to PCS my daughter from Ft Bliss to Walter Reed. The AD15 is a great knife I'm very pleased with it, opened and cut down 130 boxes or so once her household goods were delivered with it.
  11. cricketdave

    Our prayers are with those many families who have been affected.

    I was getting my kids ready for school and ironing my wife's uniform for the day. She got deployed to NYC to recover bodies.
  12. cricketdave

    What's up with MTN Forged? OTF MT clones?

    I'll disagree that OTF's aren't good for anything any other pocket knife is. I use one quite a bit around the ranch everything from cutting bales open to cutting rope and other normal stuff.
  13. cricketdave

    How many people use there Microtech OTF knives?

    I carry a combat troodon quite a bit, use if for normal cutting stuff. Boxes, opening hay bales, cutting twine and rope.
  14. cricketdave

    Grail Incoming - Ultratech Bounty Hunter

    cool they are fun knives, i carry a combat troodon fairly often and use it quite a bit, very dependable opener.
  15. cricketdave

    Photos Knives & Guns

    67748737_10220958597301117_1418771849856155648_n by cricketdave posted Aug 4, 2019 at 8:34 PM
  16. cricketdave

    Attn. All Smatchetorians! . . . Wanna Help Design The Busse Combat Smatchet?. . . Start Drinkin'!!!

    21 is my favorite so far, i still think it needs to be thicker than 3/16ths though