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  1. hexenjager

    Your physical reaction to having had the vaccine shots

    Hey all. I'm officially considered fully vaccinated with the Pfizer as of yesterday. After my first dose my only effect was soreness in the injection site shoulder for about two days. After my second dose two weeks ago I had the injection site soreness again, though actually a little less than...
  2. hexenjager

    What knife is in your bugout pack?

    I'm almost of the same opinion on the multitool myself. I have one on my belt most of the time for work and have one in most vehicles. I guess the big differences for me are that there are more times that I'm without a multitool than a folder and the multitool adds a lot more functionality in...
  3. hexenjager

    What knife is in your bugout pack?

    While I would plan to stay in my home for most disasters, I do keep a BOB for the edge cases that aren't "most disasters". Current knives in it are an Ontario RD7, Mora Companion and a Victorinox Swisstool. I quit including folders when I realized that I was very unlikely to like any folders I...
  4. hexenjager

    Recommendation? I could use some advice: Large easy opening folders

    Spyderco Military is about the right blade length, easy to open and pretty slicey. They're $200ish new but since you don't mind second hand you could probably find one more or less within budget.
  5. hexenjager

    Wheels and Blades

    It has wheels. :D
  6. hexenjager

    Your most disappointing knife purchase

    That is pretty obvious. Acceptance is the first step toward change.
  7. hexenjager

    Linen Micarta Scraper Handles

    I'll take 4 per our PMs.
  8. hexenjager

    Recommendation? new knife choice

    If you like the Ratmandu there you might keep an eye out on the exchange for one for sale by someone willing to ship to Europe.
  9. hexenjager

    New to the forum, first decent knife purchase (ZT 0770CF)

    Welcome to the forum and the addiction. :D
  10. hexenjager

    Off Topic Do you carry a back-up knife with you ?.

    My work carry. As others have said, different blades for different purposes as opposed to purely back up blades. 1- A sturdy one hand opener for general cutting chores or heavier cutting. I want a good point and good belly on this blade. This is the area where I have the most day to day...
  11. hexenjager

    Wave vs Rebar

    I have both. The rebar rides in my Jeep. The wave rides on my hip.
  12. hexenjager

    Help me understand : Why does a pure slicer needs a strong lock ?

    What they said. Plus in my work usage I fairly frequently push the tip of the blade into something like a length of PE pipe to make it easier to start the cut, particularly in inconvenient and awkward locations to work in. A lock is an extra safety margin to prevent the blade from closing on...
  13. hexenjager

    Urban Foraging

    In many places your right to respond with deadly force very much ends once you start trespassing on private property and stealing things from it. The landowner's does not. Just saying.
  14. hexenjager

    Knife Identification

    Hello. Welcome to the forum. :) I think to be of any help to you we'll need for you to post some pictures with a photo sharing site. Good luck!
  15. hexenjager

    Clash of the EDC titans - Cold Steel Recon 1 vs. Spyderco Military

    I like my Millie quite a lot, though it's in a different steel. How good a hard use knife it is would depend a lot on what hard use on a folder means to you.
  16. hexenjager

    Recommendation? Looking for a slip joint with a pry bar

    Well, others have already made the suggestions that I was going to make. I've carried both and used both for light prying. The TL-29 has probably the more capable blade for use as a prybar but an SAK can offer additional utility in a similar sized package. Which is more important is up to you.
  17. hexenjager

    Multi-tools and Such

    Thanks! I hadn't been familiar with that model. :thumbsup: