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    Coming this Spring - KA-BAR Becker BK40 Folder

    Yep. Made in America is great but not a requirement. Taiwan is ok. China though - not a chance in hell.
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    PM3 - I bent my pocket clip...

    I removed it and bent it back in shape. Works like a champ. Thanks folks!
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    PM3 - I bent my pocket clip...

    I know I can remove it and squeeze it back into shape with a pair of pliers but if you folks have a better suggestion, I'm all ears. One thing I like about the stock clip on that knife if that it doesn't get in the way when I'm using the knife but I'm very open to suggestions.
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    What folders are the Beckerheads carrying?

    Buck 110 Slim Select. It's good quality, tough, American made and reasonably priced - the sort of thing I'd look for in a folding Becker.
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    Blades & Bourbon

    Smoke Wagon - nice. Had an outstanding smoked old fashioned at The Griffin in Vegas pre-covid panic.
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    Convince me that Becker isn't crap

    Yeah - that thread title is pretty combative but your actual posts aren't. Lol. Have you contacted Kabar? It could be that you got one with a bogus grind out heat treat or something. Bet they would help you out.
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    What multitool or SAK did you buy today

    Just ordered a Farmer X today. Never owned an alox sak before.
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    Favorite EDC Folder under $127?

    You could get a Buck 110 slim select and have an outstanding American made folder with a forever warranty and close to $100 in your pocket.
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    Your Favorite Buck Fidget Knife?

    I like my 110 slim select better but I play with my sprint select like it's my job.
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    Coming this Spring - KA-BAR Becker BK40 Folder

    Yeah - slave labor is cost effective.
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    What is the best EDC knife under $50?

    Buck 110 Slim Select get another vote. It's rock solid, exceedingly useable made in America and way under your budget. If you want a flipper that's just as good and right at your price point, look at the Buck Sprint Select.
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    Off Topic Not even a snark-wide pandemic can keep us down...

    Right there with you. Nope. I've recently remembered how much I like Buck's American made folders - there are a number of worthy variants of the 110 and the 112 and the Sprint is a cool flipper, etc. I guess it's cool that it's still convenient to pocket carry the BK 11 or 14.
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    Coming this Spring - KA-BAR Becker BK40 Folder

    We all like Becker knives or we wouldn't be here. Most of us have purchased a bunch of Ethan's reasonably priced, American made tools that last for generations. Neither the steel choice nor the locking mechanism seem up to Becker standards but I could get past both. Made in China though? Does...
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    Warrior how is the recovery going?

    Get better fast, man.
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    BK16 Coming

    Great choice!
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    New Season of Alone

    I'd still like to see Sam win. He was fun to watch in season 1.