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    Which Spyderco are you carrying today?

    Decisions decisions.
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    Top 3 Steels

    Let’s revive this post. - ZDP-189 - M390/CTS204P/20CV - CRUWEAR
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    REX 45 Native 5 G10 And Para 3LW

    Native 5 G10 REX45 in stock @ REC this morning.
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    Thank you.
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    I’ve noticed some knife dealers advertising the 943S and 943SBK are “Discontinued?” Anyone know when this occurred? I was unable to locate those models on Benchmade’s website today either; however, the plain 943 versions remain available.
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    Carbon Fiber Emerson/style Clip (for BM or Emerson) SOLD

    Items remain available. Please note, Buyer needs to fund payment from within the CONUS, and shipping needs to be to the CONUS address listed on PayPal account per this listing. No exceptions. Thanks.
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    Carbon Fiber Emerson/style Clip (for BM or Emerson) SOLD

    Please see updated email regarding payment and let me know. Thank you.
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    Carbon Fiber Emerson/style Clip (for BM or Emerson) SOLD

    Carbon Fiber Clip w/ (3) red screws - Fits most Benchmade & Emerson traditional 3-hole patterns. $OLD PayPal G&S Includes first class shipping to lower 48 CONUS address on file with PayPal, no exceptions. No International Buyers or Shipping. - Feel free to PM questions. - Members with...
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    Leather DeSantis Gunhide IWB Suede Holster (for Glock 19)

    Original owner. Very light use. / Fits Glock 19 like a glove. *(See Photos) $17. TYD (Sold) via PayPal G&S Continental (Lower 48) U.S. Shipping Only, No International Shipment. - Members with positive feedback only. - Shipment to the address on file with PayPal only. Thanks for looking.
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    Ditto. Thanks.
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    email sent.
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    Thanks for reaching out. Send your email to discuss. Thanks.
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    G10 cross pendants

    Pmt. Sent. Thanks!