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    Lets see your special HI blades!

    The first Bamboo Cutter (Bura). Note that the tip slopes more gradually than its children. 20" AK for scale: P.S. I'll be moving to Reno eventually to help raise my FIRST GRANDCHILD!!
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    Lets see your special HI blades!

    The first (I believe) HI cleaver:
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    Lets see your special HI blades!

    My first HI.... the Hanshee Kothimoda by Bura (from a Ram raffle):
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    Looking for thoughts on strong folders

    Don't laugh.... The Cold Steel Hatamoto is one helluva strong knife. Its big. Its thick. One solid mutha. I know, I know.... CS sells a lotta crappy knives - but this isn't one of them. I've gotta lotta BMs & SOGS & stuff, but the Hatamoto takes a lickin' & keeps on tickin' with the best of...
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    Kami/Bean Medical Fund Raffle for 8/30

    I love dogs. And Everest Katanas. Tried to chip in @ Beanieweiners but got a "Connection Has Timed Out" error message. What next?
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    What's the point of the pointy sheath?

    Never did care much for the pointy thing on the sheath. I just heat up the metal til the goop gets gooey & then slowly ease the metal cap off of the leather.
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    Tihar Deals for 10/26

    Lucky kid. Side note: Haven't used a hatchet or a machete since I got a khuk. Khuks are just more satisfying somehow...
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    Whose got the best Khukri injury?- WARNING GRAPHIC!

    Iceveign.... you win. Now I don't feel so bad about my own stupidity. Had insomnia, so I decided to sharpen my Everest Katana at 1:30 AM using a new method. Didn't notice that everything was working its way to the edge of the bench, then everything fell of the edge & the sword caught my...
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    New guy question about removing chape

    I hold mine over a flame for a few seconds & pull 'em off with pliers.
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    I don't mean to brag, but...

    Nice blade! Unlike Crimson, I do like the tanto blade. Really strong tip compared to non-HI products. (HIs are such tanks that tip strength is not an issue). My EDC folder is a tanto blade. Really like the Chitlangi Tanto!
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    Danny's Tarwar

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    Long time coming

    I hear you... scared the crap out of me the first time I swung an HI khuk at a branch. It was a 20" Bura AK..... I didn't know knives could do that. Careful, dude!
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    Reconditioning the blade of a beater khuk.

    Great thread. Just awesome.... much appreciated!
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    HI Everest Katana for 8/18

    Well... that didn't take long. Make up your mind, dude!
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    Help ! Damaged 20" Thirtha made AK from DOTD

    I dinged a really nice Bura khuk last week hacking down some Himalayan Blackberry briars. Didn't realize there was a piece of rebar sticking up out of the ground till i heard the CHINK! Won't take much to fix it, though. Actually not too bad for hitting an edge against a steel bar. Also...
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    Deals for 5/12 -- Pix, Rajkumar Hanuman and Great Buys

    mobileninja...... mobileninja!
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    WTS Mikkel Willumsen, Umnumzaan, Phillip Patton, BM Onslaught.

    Gotchur email - paypal'd full amount "Ship To" address in your email
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    WTS Mikkel Willumsen, Umnumzaan, Phillip Patton, BM Onslaught.

    I'll take that Onslaught.... PM inbound... check "visitor messages" - couldn't get a PM to you for some reason If you PM me I can reply
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    When was the last time your HI piece scared the soul outta ......?

    Coupla summers ago I was down in the creek hacking back some prickly overgrowth with a Tarwar (a long-blade Tarwar can cut it back without getting stickers in your hands). Some poor unsuspecting hiker came wandering down the creek & was slightly concerned that she just had stumbled upon a...