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    Which Busse?

    I am sure senior hogs will be very knowledgeable about which busse is most suitable. I just wanna comment on the leftover of the operation, it will make a very nice inlay for leather sheath. You can't get a more personal leather sheath than that :p:D
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    Busse Newb With Dumb Questions

    On the contrary, i think they both knew exactly cutchu is new. And every new family member requires a rite of passage properly done by respected senior members :p Welcome :D
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    Hell Razor II Pic Thread

    the HR2 is still up for sale directly from busse if you want one, just visit their page
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    HR1 vs HR2

    (double post)
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    HR1 vs HR2

    Sorry, are you sure those are HR1 and HR2? They seem to have very similar butt prongs, both looks like HR2. if i remember correctly, HR1 and HR2 have different butt prongs, on older HR1 the middle prong is longer and rounder, while on HR2 all of the three prongs are amost of similiar length and...
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    Everybody say hi to my mom!

    Hello Mrs Carothers. We are all fans of your son here, when he talks everybody listen.
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    Sounds Great. I already have HDFK & HDMC, the idea of an HDDEK is interesting.
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    The CPK - Buy, Sell and Trade thread

    woa...thats one hell of a deal on that K18. Congrats to the winner. As a side note, I would even consider let the winner use it for a week then take it a course the premium is not for a flip, it is a token of appreciation for a full week of hardwork in testing the knife for any...
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    CPK HDMC Antique Micarta *SOLD*

    feedback added, thanks
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    In case of this defending oneself from animal attack, I would think during that moment of so much stress and fear, one would easily/unawarely loose grip and drop the knife. Have you ever considered a ringed butt like a karambit in the design development phase to make it more undisarmable (if...
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    CPK HDMC Antique Micarta *SOLD*

    I will take this as per email. Thanks Brian
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    CPK HDMC Antique Micarta *SOLD*

    Hi, is this still available? Could you drop me an email ? I have a few questions before I pull the trigger on this one. Thanks
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    Busse ID question

    Nice Sheath :thumbsup::thumbsup: I have one sheath from makael and i like it very much.
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    WS 1020 a comparison

    thanks for the comparison pic, they all look great. I just realized that the WS is the only one with saber grind.
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    Photos Picked up some knives from a garage sale

    wow, thats a steal :thumbsup:
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    Yard Slicer

    This WS1020 is the fastest I ever experience besides the ganzas. 2 weeks ding from date of order, 1 day shipping notice after payment :D:thumbsup:
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    Yard Slicer

    dinged, 3 satin + 1 sheath :)
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    My newest kitchen knife!!

    Because the counter is not covered by Busse warranty if you break it? :p:D
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    Yard Slicer

    thanks for the tip
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    Yard Slicer

    anybody knows how to order multiple WS1020s but with only just 1 sheath? it seems number of sheath is automatically paired with knives, I found no option to specify number of sheath.