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  1. Berkley

    John Powell - A fair wind and following sea

    "John is over from SFO and participating in the Reno Gun Show at the local Hilton but he found time to get over this evening for a nice visit. John is an upbeat guy and that was good for me. He teased me about being too skinny and then teased me at dinner saying I ate too much to be this skinny...
  2. Berkley

    John Powell - A fair wind and following sea

    A recent inquiry from a member caused me to check my emails. My last message from John Powell was on April 4. Although I had sent him several emails since, l had not had any replies. So I checked the Internet, and discovered to my great sorrow that John passed away on April 6. Quite apart from...
  3. Berkley

    Photos From Himalayan Imports or No?

    The "flat plate" is the standard buttplate consisting of a single sheet of metal, with a keeper and peened tang.
  4. Berkley

    Photos From Himalayan Imports or No?

    AFAIK, no one other than Himalayan Imports Shop 1 ever used that scrolled buttcap. "Shop 1 makes a two piece scrolled buttcap -- pretty and fairly strong but not strong enough and it is subject to dents if you bang it and it tends to loosen with heavy use. A flat plate is stronger and less...
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    Please send prayers for my brother Jeevan

    You and your brother are in our prayers.
  6. Berkley

    I Done Made Me A Khukri!

    Awesome! Beautiful work.:thumbsup:
  7. Berkley

    Who has the most unusual or flat coolest H.I. product?

    Unfortunately not, but I don't think there are many of the matching Kumar Museum Models floating around.
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    Income Tax refund oppertunity for 3/4

    Thanks - you just saved my marriage! Great score.
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    Greetings From Father

    Namaskar, Kami Sherpa.
  10. Berkley

    Long Leaf

    You're very welcome. That's a really nice example!:thumbsup:
  11. Berkley

    Long Leaf

    Please understand that I don’t read Nepali, so I have to puzzle out the Devanagari letters as best I can, and my vision is not very good these days even for stuff written in the English language with the Roman alphabet. With that caveat, I make it: ” Sri 3 Chandra [Prime Minister Chandra SJB...
  12. Berkley

    Interpreting Spine Inscription on Nepalese Long Leaf

    “For years the exact meaning of these inscriptions eluded collectors and perplexed linguists who were repeatedly asked to translate them. Only in the last few years have we gotten a good idea of what they actually say. The first part of the riddle to be cracked was the introductory prefix...
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    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

    Merry Christmas to the Himalayan Imports family!
  14. Berkley

    Antique khukuris from RNA

    Excellent information - many thanks for sharing it. Mapping and cataloging the armory and its contents would have been a daunting task for an army of archaeologists with unlimited time. Not practical for a crew trying to pack and remove tons of filthy, rusted iron and decaying wood in a limited...
  15. Berkley

    Antique khukuris from RNA

    Benjamin Judkins is the author.
  16. Berkley

    Antique khukuris from RNA

    There's a wealth of good info here: Identifying and Collecting the Nepalese Military Kukri.
  17. Berkley

    GBK - (Gentleman's Belt Knife)

    10.5 inches
  18. Berkley

    A. G. Russell Passed Away

    A.G. was an innovator, a teacher, a mentor, a successful businessman who served as a role model for the industry, a patriot, a warm human being., and so much more besides. Deepest sympathies to Goldie and his family. Fair winds, and a following sea.
  19. Berkley

    Nepalese coffee - mountain grown!

    Very nice medium roast breakfast blend, aroma has a hint of red wine (how's that for a "gourmet" coffee review?). Google 'em, they have an interesting website. Can't tell if there are any US sellers.
  20. Berkley

    Nepalese coffee - mountain grown!

    Just received a package from a Nepalese friend with some Johnny Gurkha coffee. Just the thing to go with a Gurkha cigar and some Kukri rum!:thumbsup: