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  1. DallasSTB

    White River Knives

    I’ll take the backpacker
  2. DallasSTB

    The CPK - Buy, Sell and Trade thread

    Well damn. If another boot dagger is available, please let me know.
  3. DallasSTB

    What kind of folder do you carry?

    Skinny Skinner...
  4. DallasSTB

    Nomad 95x18 SOLD

    That looks really nice and practical. I'll take it.
  5. DallasSTB

    The CPK - Buy, Sell and Trade thread

    WTB - Since these are out of production, I’d really like to get my hands on a boot dagger or a HDFK. Thanks!
  6. DallasSTB

    CPK Boot Daggers

    Understood. Bummer, that’s one of my favorite patterns
  7. DallasSTB

    CPK Boot Daggers

    Any plans for more of these? Don't want to miss it again. Thx
  8. DallasSTB

    The “Can’t leave anything alone” Thread

    Nope, can't leave well enough alone. Ended up playing with some paracord this weekend...
  9. DallasSTB

    Wooden Wednesday - Traditionals only please

    Modified GEC 86 with oil-sucker rod handles.
  10. DallasSTB

    Mixed inventory

    A 7” working camp knife would be outstanding.
  11. DallasSTB

    Mixed inventory

    Your inbox is full, but will you be making any HDFK’s in the future? Thx
  12. DallasSTB

    Premium production knives FS

    Sent you an email. Thanks!
  13. DallasSTB

    Premium production knives FS

    Some collection turnover of a few mid-tech / high-end production pieces. All are very, very high quality and unused unless noted below. No to most trades other than CRK’s, Hinderer Skinners, Serge Panchenko stuff, Eusler, maybe one or two others. Prices include PP fees and shipping. 1) Liong...
  14. DallasSTB

    Free Custom Hinderer Screws.

    If you have any more black screws, I'd love to have a couple. Thx
  15. DallasSTB

    Price Dropped: Mini Tuco Damascus

    Love to see some pics of the Skinner. Can you send pic to my email - Stephentbarnett (at)
  16. DallasSTB

    Knives and Coffee

    Rotten drive to work...
  17. DallasSTB

    Spartan Harsey Folder 2020 Special Edition "Runes & Staves" and CKF Switch

    Bought this on impulse because I love the design. Problem is - it doesn't really fit in my collection and I'll probably not carry it. So... Spartan Harsey Folder 2020 Special Edition "Runes & Staves' model. Mint condition. 4.25" S45VN Blade - Black PVD Coating. Comes with full kit. Sold out...
  18. DallasSTB

    Is this knife made in Texas ?

    From a business standpoint, retailers depend on the presumption of honesty regarding the origins of their merchandise. Until evidence to the contrary is demonstrated, they are typically safe from fraud charges as Long as they’ve signed a standard Purchase Order agreement. That safety net...