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    Buck 110 custom

    Very nice Buck 110. I like that buckeye :thumbsup:
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    Uses For The Stockman

    When I was a kid growing up on the farm the spay blade was always used to castrate livestock.
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    Sending a pm on the 110.
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    Help select my first Buck fixed blade belt knife

    What! No one likes the 212?:(
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    First Buck Custom

    Go for it. Life is short! Everyone should have at least one custom Buck. I got my first custom Buck here on the Buck for sale page. It's a 112 s30v fg with walnut scales in nickel silver. Fit and finish is very nice. I'm having a hard time convincing myself I should use it.
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    Buck 301 blade profile.

    I really like my Buck 301. It never leaves my right front pocket.
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    Buck 119 JLLk8

    Nice looking 119 :thumbsup:
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    Buck 301 blade profile.

    You might get more info posting that on the Buck forum.
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    Joe Houser, Wish you well in retirement!

    Enjoy your retirement Joe.:thumbsup:
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    handle removal from ww2 bolo knife

    Don't do it! :eek:
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    Spyderco tenacious - any love here

    I like it. I wish it was CM154 .:rolleyes:
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    What is the holy trinity of knives?

    I've been looking for the holly trinity of knives for about 60 years. Let me know when you find it.;)
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    What is your collection worth?

    If my wife found out what my collection was worth she would divorce me. Then sue me for half the money! :(
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    Off Topic Do you carry a back-up knife with you ?.

    No matter what I decide to carry for the day I always have my Buck 301 stockman in my right front pocket. ;)
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    Inexpensive French trade knife in carbon steel ???

    You might look a Ragweed forge.
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    Trade with China must be normalized

    I could be wrong, but I think he might be saying a lot of knives in that catalog are made in China.
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    Photos Your favourite scandi knives.

    I've just kind of liked Scandi knives, especially for the nice wood in the handles. They always seem to perform pretty well for me. These are a few I've picked up over the years.
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    My wife is hilarious.

    After over 50 years of marriage I've finally wore my wife down. Now she buys me knives.;)
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    for winter, what Buck ya carrying and how cold is it...

    -6 degrees here in eastern Nebraska this morning. My Buck 112 went with me to feed the birds and warm up my truck. It will feel warm when we hit our +6 degree high for the day. When my truck warms up I might grab my 8mm Mauser and drive around the section and see if I can find a coyote.