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  1. perchjerk

    Shaman KC sprint

    Dont worry. Check out the reveal. Looks like an orange/rex45 shaman sprint is coming up.
  2. perchjerk

    Favorite hunting knife?

    I bought an LT Wright frontier valley in a2 on a whim for an additional option this deer season. After using it on its first deer it was on my hip every time I hunted. Just a very handy little knife. I did have to reprofile it though as it came rather thick behind the edge from the factory.
  3. perchjerk

    Whatcha got on order ?

    Took advantage of the Olight xmas sale and have a seeker 2 pro and baton pro dt on the way. Looking forward to it!
  4. perchjerk

    DLT M390 Para 3 LW

    I’m done with pm2/pm3 combos for a while. Finally getting burnt out a bit. This red lw does look nice though. Hope it’s a big success for dlt!
  5. perchjerk

    Shaman sprint run?

    I really try to not let the whole knife hobby thing bother me if I miss something cool but this one does. When I got my original shaman right after the initial release my first thought was that this was the pattern I’ve always wanted. My next thought was that if I could get it in my favorite...
  6. perchjerk

    Blue m390 and tan 20cv PM2s

    Blue m390 still available
  7. perchjerk

    Blue m390 and tan 20cv PM2s

    Blue m390 still available
  8. perchjerk

    Blue m390 and tan 20cv PM2s

    I have a blue M390 BBS exclusive pm2 .i have never carried this. Clip is in the factory position. Has box and paper work. This is from an earlier run. $170 shipped. Next is a DLT exclusive tan 20cv pm2. I carried this knife for a couple days and opened some amazon boxes. At some point along...
  9. perchjerk

    Any plans for a mini-Waterway

    Lance if you design it I’ll buy it. Love my waterway and look forward to see what else is down the road from you!
  10. perchjerk

    Existence of crucarta shaman confirmed

    This is a must have for me. I don’t care how much it cost. I do feel that this will be harder to score than an exclusive being that the drop will be staggered between dealers. Gonna have to be on the ball for this one.
  11. perchjerk

    New BentoBoxShop M390 Delica

    Got mine last week. I have been without a delica for several years now and it is sure nice to have one back in the rotation. Mine came slightly off center to the presentation side but not by much. The grind heights on the bevels are higher than what i expected but im really enjoying how...
  12. perchjerk

    New BentoBoxShop M390 Delica

    I spend an extra $15 at the grocery store on things I dont need just about every time I go. 15 for shipping on a knife that will last me many many years to come is a small price to pay if it’s something I want. Should be here Thursday!
  13. perchjerk

    S90V Shaman Carbon Fiber Sprint

    I got mine before the price hike so at almost 90 bucks more I don’t think it’s worth it for me. I reeeeally want a cruwear shaman so I think I’ll hold out in hopes they make one at some point. This is still a gorgeous knife though and if I didnt already have a standard shaman I probably would...