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    Sold Koenig Mini Goblin

    I will take seconds if the deal doesnt happen
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    Important Info! Fiddleback Friday 1/22/21 (Early Preview)

    loving the burlap handles! but we all know who the star of the show is or are! :-) The collaboration combo is awesome!
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    Important Info! Fiddleback Friday 1/8/21 (Early Preview)

    The camp handle is fire!!! Love it!
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    Koenig Goblin - Very Good Condition - $280 shipped

    This will be the score of the year, and it’s still January 3rd!
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    High end knives

    Not exactly aure what you mean by “style” of athe XMs, if you are talking about flippers you can potentially find a Shiro neon, hation for sub $600, you can find a PJ Koenig Mini Goblin and potentially even an user Arius. It’s unlikely you are gonna find a brown for sub $600 but both the lhc-x...
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    What CRK did Santa bring you for Christmas...?

    Nice! I'm regretting not buying the limited edition inkosi!
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    First knife of 2021?

    A few folders on my wishlist for early 2021. 1) Koenig Mini Arius 2) Keanison Stray Pup 3) Holt Haptic 4) Wehr Would be happy with any of these! The keanison is supposed to be out in January, the koenig sometime in the spring so it might not be my first of 2021. Holt/Wehr I'd have to win a...
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    Important Info! Fiddleback Friday 12/11/20

    Love seeing all the variations JB does with the gyuto! Resisting getting a second one... not sure for how long!
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    Well...It's Friday...

    did I miss something?
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    SOLD - Shirogorov HatiOn Zero, Black CF, M390, $525

    this is an awesome knife and really great price for it! GLWS! Someone is getting a great edc knife for a great price!
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    Good decision!
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    How to sell a knife on BladeForums

    you need a gold membership to be able to post a for sale thread, you need to figure out the price of your knife, ebay, facebook, previous sale, the price of it new all help you define the asking price. Here's some info on the Gold Membership from...
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    CRK Sebenza 21 Insingo Small, Spyderco/Tim Wegner Mouse and Magpul Rigger

    sent you email, not sure if the pj 21 is still available.
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    THE CRK Birthday Wish List

    Any small if there are small/large for that model 02/26/2016, 03/12/2018, 11/24/xx and 06/02/xx
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    Photos The knife of your dreams

    I want a Wehr Knives Lucy! I love the rustic look of the knives!
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    When did Koenig get so expensive?

    For me the lotto knives made by Wehr Knives are pretty sweet, currently about the same price is the high end koenig, but more than holts (at least prices direct from them if you are able to buy one, FB group folks asking at least twice as much). But those Wehr Knives are one of a kind knives...
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    When did Koenig get so expensive?

    What exactly make a Holt different? Most people are buying what they produce, no custom orders as well. Just because the guy makes it at the garage/home shop doesn't make it any less of a production knife compared to Koenig. I dont think holts are all one of a kind. Seems like a supply/demand...
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    Important Info! Fiddleback Friday 11/13/20 ( Early Preview)

    Awesome knives by JB as always! The the bone solo is amazing! I love that handle!
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    Everyone's latest acquisitions!

    Picked this beauty up Today at Koenig!