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    Chad los Banos ?

    Anyone heard from Chad lately ? Been trying to contact him, if anyone knows how he’s doing pls let me know. Thanks Robbie Roberson
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    LINKS, Animations- All blast from the past.

    As far as I know he is. He is a fine man and a brilliant marketing person in my opinion. I did get an email from him back a few months ago and he seemed fine. I don't hear much from the company though since it has changed hands so many times in the last few years. Robbie Roberson
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    LINKS, Animations- All blast from the past.

    While going thru and cleaning out some of my old links and pictures, I found this link to a very early animation someone at SOG made when the SOG Revolver knife first came out in 2003. Its a really good animation of this knife I think, but for some reason kind of fell by the wayside as lots...
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    Identification help please.

    Agreed, I too like the kydex, but the newer models don't have that sheath so its always nice to find a good sheath that will fit. Thank you, Robbie Roberson
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    Ebay Fakes

    This is such a sad situation in so many ways. One day I thought I would casually mention to a seller the knives he was selling were listed as fakes and provided links etc. Ended up getting cursed out and threatened by an ebayer and finally just got away from it after realizing it truly is a...
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    Identification help please.

    These are very nice. I would like to get some of these for the Revolver series. Most Pup sheaths will fit the Revolvers very well. Wonder if a person could find these on ebay ? Thanks for showing these. Robbie Roberson
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    my newest SOG: Scuba/Demo with re-profiled blade

    Wow Carl, super nice blade ! But did you just have to use it !!!!!!!!!! :-) You was supposed to wrap it in a sock........... Robbie Roberson
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    SOG as Tactical Tableware

    Wow ! That looks terrific ! I bet that knife had 0 problems with that cutting chore. :) Robbie Roberson
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    Bushcraft version of Revolver?

    Craytab, thanks for the kind words. That is a great find in that older SEAL model. They are getting harder to find. Did you know that was the same model used in BattleStar Galactica ? :-) The steel on the new models is not like the older models and the price reflects that. There are miles of...
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    Bushcraft version of Revolver?

    This is a good idea. The new version 2.0 is an amazing little knife. It carries easily even in my jeans pocket.. but most of all it does things most knives cant do, most importantly sawing instead of chopping. This means you can notch wood very accuratly and saw to make flat edges instead of...
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    Do you carry your knife because you need to........or you want to.......

    And rarely need it.....? Or do you carry because of habit ? Or you just want to have a knife on you just in case ? This could be a deep well.......I got swimmy headed trying to figure this one out......:confused: Thanks for any thoughts on this...
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    the Tech II getting ready for dinner .....

    Ha......looks good. Carl, back away and put the knife back in storage. I may have to make a trip to check your blades and make sure they are not being used. We must not use our knives, we must polish and store them for a future showing. All mine are stored in cotton socks...
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    SOG Recon Bowie

    Oh no...not again ! You need to get that knife in the dish water as soon as possible. Wash then rinse, then clean it with blade polish then store it in a sock until further notice........Boy that steak looks great ! Robbie Roberson
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    My Classic SOG Government and custom tooled sheath

    Awsome ! Amazing detailed work Heber. These are some of the best I have ever seen. I wish you would try that "other" knife you have had for many years and see if it fits in that by chance...... Robbie Roberson
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    After over 8 years of use, Trident TF-1 assisted opening having some issues

    They will fix you up. The spring could be stretched a little too...either way I would contact warranty at SOG and ask how to do it. Or....retire this one, save it back for your kids to admire as the one you carried for 8 yrs... and then buy you a new one...... Robbie Roberson
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    After over 8 years of use, Trident TF-1 assisted opening having some issues

    Just a guess. Sounds like lint, dirt and debri are in pivot area. If spring still works at all it could very well be this. I have fixed many knives doing this. My son just bought a used knife that was exactly like yours and would not open......a quick flush fixed it. The fix is not to take...
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    6" Clip in 1084 and Green dyed/stabilized flamed maple (she's a looker!)

    Wow......very beautiful knife. You did good on that one Carl.... Robbie Roberson
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    New to the knife world, considering a SOG...

    Hello, welcome to the wonderful world of knives. I've been involved with knives for a long time and occasionally I run across a knife that stands out from all the others. The new SOG Kiku folder, (KU 1012) has to be one of the most beautiful, well made knives I have ever seen. It's silky...
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    picked up a SOG Recondo today

    Carl, very nice ! Make sure and "sock it." :rolleyes: , put it in a sock and store it for the next 20 years with a light coat of oil. Do NOT do like you do with your other 78 knives........and use them to cut steaks and dinner with, this just won't do. :o Robbie Roberson
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    Thank you for explaining what you meant, I appreciate that. :) I guess the handles do not look expensive, but they sure do feel good in the hand. It is a rubber overlay and it feels very secure in the hand. I think this knife will be a great user for hunting or camping. Robbie Roberson. :)