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  1. Federico

    Where have the old timers gone?

    Just doin my yearly post. :D I stop by now and then to make sure Bruise hasnt burned the place down :p , but mostly lurkin now. Hate to post when my only freetime may not allow me to check on that post til a few weeks later. Though its amazing how much money I have managed to divert to other...
  2. Federico

    Problems with blades from the Philippines.

    The limitations on shipping blades is only in the Southern Philippines (particularly Zamboanga), and is a local thing due to all the bombings and what not. It first came around a few months ago, to much protest. Though, I had thought the restriction had been lifted recently.
  3. Federico

    Souvenir wall plaque of Filipino swords?

    The new ones that are junky looking are still produced ala the earlier link. However, the true old ones, with weapons that actually resembled real weapons, are far rarer (eg. the ones from say the 30s), and can be pricey when they pop up (hehehe we all seem to like em ;) ). Though it seems the...
  4. Federico

    Souvenir wall plaque of Filipino swords?

    Try here Not a bad price.
  5. Federico

    Sword Myths

    Not Sun Helmet, but Swish of the Kris does cover Bud Bagsak, and is online on the Bakbakkan site. I have more info on the massacre of Bud Dajo. Again Swish covers that, Bullets and Bolos by John R White, Muddy Glory by Russel Roth, Mandate in Moroland by Peter Gowing, and check out the...
  6. Federico

    Lance Armstrong Dirty?

    Ya know Bruise, they can tell if you are using animal urine :eek: :D :barf: :p
  7. Federico

    I'm back

    I gotta admit, I kept staring at the thread wondering who on earth is this Sylvrfalcn guy, and where was he. Then I finally opened the thread, and doh its Sarge. Welcome back, it is good to hear you are safe and home. :D
  8. Federico

    The other Cade

    Wow...all I can say, unless you are in a profession that demands you be around high risk individuals/situations (eg. a police officer, prison guard, orderly for the violent insane, etc...), you really need to re-think your current lifestyle. Normal people do not get into knife fights period...
  9. Federico

    Yangdu's deals for 8/08 -- Pix and awesome buys.

    Good thing you were the one who punced on this one, I may had problems with the whole gifting part. :D
  10. Federico

    Synthetic Sticks

    They also make great simple hand-cuffs, or so Ive been told. Green they are good as chord.
  11. Federico

    Why do you buy HI khukuris

    :eek: :thumbup: :D
  12. Federico

    Got a chiruwa AK today

    Hehehe...Im with ArchAngel here, own both. :D Never hurts to have a back up, or even a backup for your back up, or a back ups back ups back up :D
  13. Federico

    Why do you buy HI khukuris

    Ok, I have the feeling this topic has been covered before, but Im bored and its absolutely dead here at work, so here goes. Why do you buy HI khukuris? Are you obsessed with all things Ghurka? Do you just need a tool to get rid of that pesky stump? Are you in a MA that needs khukuris? Did...
  14. Federico

    woodchuck alert

    One thing I found Ive had to do with steel wool is one of two things, be very very careful or after wooling take a stiff bristle brush like a tooth brush and go over all the carving before addin the next layer. Neither is real perfect, but alot cheaper than using sand paper. Though the idea of...
  15. Federico

    Synthetic Sticks

    I can see drying green lumber out, same idea as kiln drying wood, but in FMA circles burned rattan has taken mythic legends as to what it does for the lumber. :)
  16. Federico

    Uncle Bill's Memorial Salyan knives.

    argghh...almost tempted to try and snag one of them Chandan ones as well. The more I look, the more they taunt me. Must look away. Must be strong and look away. Must look away. :rolleyes: :confused: :D
  17. Federico

    Uncle Bill's Memorial Salyan knives.

    In my best Captain Kirk voice HAAAAHN!!!! :D Sorry couldnt resist
  18. Federico

    Uncle Bill's Memorial Salyan knives.

    Woohoo got one of the antler ones yay!!!! I guess sharking is just like riding a bike. :D
  19. Federico

    Synthetic Sticks

    Very carefully :p :D Ok, by treat I meant finish/fill with either oil or lacquer or whatever. The burn part is just decoration, and to straighten rattan. Though some say it strengthens the rattan if done right, I remain skeptical. We ran through some tests in the dojo between burned...
  20. Federico

    Synthetic Sticks

    There are two main problems with synthetics. One if your partner is using rattan, your synthetic sticks are going to tear up his sticks like pacman eats dots. Two, while they are very durable, when they fail, they do so dramatically eg. sharp fractured pieces flying. Are there any rattan...